The MSM should know when to shut up

Over the last few days when news of the two senior civil servants were being questioned for corruption and now officially confirmed that they have been arrested and on bail, there are still many articles in the msm crowing about how incorruptible this island is and how the high pay to prevent corruption is necessary and effective.

I think this is the time that everyone should just shut up about high pay to fight corruption. Well, some may still think it is working. Some say the evidence is all there to show that it is failing. Isn’t it embarrassing to show the two contrasting sides at the same time? But if that is the intent, then well, good. How many rungs has the country dropped in the ranking for incorruptibility?

By now there will be at least 10 countries ranked higher or cleaner than this island and without the need to pay out of this world salary. I got a suggestion, send a team to go and understudy them and learn from them. We should not simply rule them out as irrelevant, not suitable for comparison, we are different, Asian culture has corruption in their blood. Just like not comparing our ministerial salary with political leaders of the world. We are unique mah.


Anonymous said...

Corruptions happen
everywhere and
anytime, all the
time in the human
What makes anybody
thinks Sin or
are cleaner than

Anonymous said...

We all agree corruption happens. It's PAP's rationale for paying high salaries to deter corruption that STINKS !

Anonymous said...

In Sin, the MSM has the
most and the greatest
sycophants in them.

Anonymous said...

Satirical Headlines for tomorrow:

"Gerard Ee and Mercer will study possibility of including extra-curricular sex into the total compensation package for high flying public servants"

In order to keep Singapore corruption-free in the future, a high salary may not be enough.

Anonymous said...

SinFul Headnews

Now that corruption is resolved by paying those clowns the same amount of corruption money into their salary so to legalize it, another pressing problem need to be resolve for sexual flavour.

So is the government considering providing free and legalized sexual service from China MeiMei to the male MIWs, and legalized gigolo to female MIWs so as to prevent sexual corruption ?

Anonymous said...

I support the mei meis. It would not add up to one plate of char kway teow. good deal to keep them in line.

Anonymous said...


No need to send people to learn from those less corrupted countries lah. Save the public money lah. What is the purpose if some MIWs go and do not learn, or learnt but do not implement, or learnt but cleverly implement those part that further protect or legalize corruption?

The only key thing this government to do is to be fully accountable and totally transparent to its people. To implement this, we need to abolish OAS, ISD, etc and stop fake democratic feudal dynasty political system, and abolish the scholar system.

The question is can this government do it? If not, we may have to wait till a new government after 2016 to do it. This is that simple.

Chua Chin Leng aka redbean said...

Well, at least they can earn a free trip paid by tax payers.

There is one thing that I am still wondering. When the politicians go abroad on visits, study trips, exchanges etc, other than the expenses being paid by the state, do they get an outstation allowance as well like private companies paying their employees for overseas assignments/trips?

And if they do, what is the rate?

Anonymous said...

And me am wondering if our ruling politicians pay INCOME TAX?