Poor thing - Tan Chuan Jin

"Minister of State Tan Chuan-Jin, choking over his words said: “I’m pained by the knowledge that I’ll miss the many moments when my children are growing up and time with my family. My parents are not getting any younger. Those moments missed do not return. Ever… In time I will look back and there will be gaps. But that’s life. I’m not sure how one considers it a privilege to miss these precious moments. It trivialises all of us who do cherish these.” Copied from CNA video/FeedmetotheFish commentary.

I am starting to feel very sorry for all these good men and women making their terrible sacrifices for the country and people. I am sad to hear this. We must not allowed such a painful state of affair to go on and do nothing about it. The Americans got the best answer to this and we should see if we can borrow their ideas so that our leaders do not have to make this kind of big sacrifices.

The Americans put Obama and his families in the White House, although in so doing they paid him a little lesser, but it is a good thing. Now Obama cannot claim that he is making a big sacrifice on his family life. He could work from his bedroom or his family could be playing next to his office. Now that is a humane way of looking after the welfare of their leaders.

We should send a petition to the govt to make such an arrangement so that our ministers need not have to suffer so much. This is all about inclusiveness, about taking care of our people. And ministers are people too. Poor thing.


Anonymous said...

Poor thing. Mama sayang u hor ! Don't cry.

Anonymous said...

These people are truly insane. Where are they from? Mars?

Oh, they are not people, they are immortals. A little bit discomfort also shout sacrifice ya?

Anonymous said...

The biggest sacrifices are respect and dignity. He/they have traded these for wealth and glory.

Sad Singaporean said...

These pappies are so out of touch its unreal. They seem not to know of people who are in the essential services industry who do not have a 9 to 5 job. Or people who work 12 hour shifts, or who work overseas away from family. Also who is the idiot who said you can buy char tow kuay for $1.50. Shows you they don't eat at the hawkers'centers.

Anonymous said...

He seems to be asking us to take note that he is missing the precious time he would otherwise enjoy in seeing his young children grow up and time with his family. Oh, great sacrifice that! But has he ever given a thought about a great number of those who have always been missing such quality time with their loved ones when they have to work more than 12 hours a day, especially those forced to hold 2 jobs and yet are paid just 2% or less than what this minister is paid, just to make ends meet.These people leave for work before sunrise and return home after sunset, never seeing the sun and continue day after day. Aren't these people as human as he in wanting to have a little time with their young and family?

Anonymous said...

People without the heart or sincerity must not be in public service.

Anonymous said...

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The said...

Which working people do not have to make those same sacrifices that the million-dollar minister has to make?

How about both husband and wife working - one overseas because he cannot get a job in Singapore due to the FT policy?

How about the old women (and you think only your parents are not getting younger?) bent-double picking up cardboard boxes and tin cans for a living?

How about the security guard doing 2 or 3 jobs to put food on the table - you think he will have time to produce babies, let alone spending quality time with them?

How about all our NS boys who are paid pittance for their true sacrifice while and ex-Malaysian thinks he is sacrificing and doing national service by "saving babies"?

Chua Chin Leng aka redbean said...

Hi Sad Singaporean and Sheena,
welcome to the blog.

I can only say, really out of touch with reality. Maslow Level 5.

Anonymous said...

Singlish Dictionary:
Definition of Brigadier General:

1. Someone who misses his mummy.
2. A non-combatant
3. Synonym for paper tiger
4. The civilian rank below that of a Minister.

Anonymous said...

He should go and run one of those mega plantations that the Brotherhood has managed to hoodwink from the Army junta in Myammar and he will cry more. Those boys will not be returning for CNY this year, the next or maybe never.

Paid millions and still sheding crocodile tears. Unbelievable!

jjgg said...

where do they get these people from??? its either they've been taken from their star studded careers or been deprived of seeing their children blossom...but thankfully...none has been deprived of both their star studded career and parental obligations..otherwise there'll be ponding in parliamentary chambers.

Anonymous said...

This is getting unreal or is it surreal ? For phuck sake ... dun KBKB about your already obscene pay lah prease. Prease go home and choke on your own womit , can ? ( figure of speech)

Anonymous said...

While I feel very sorry for Mr Tan, I feel even more sorry for those army of community volunteers who give free time to help the less fortunate. They also often have little time for their families..and worse..they do so pro bono! I am thus disappointed that as one of the upcoming leading political stars, his emotional revelation actually shows his organisational shortcoming because despite his hectic schedules he can still control them so that he and his family members could spend quality time together.
Perhaps he should go ask former PM Lee how he did it.
Compared with the demands on the older Statesman when he had to create a nation from scratch, Mr Tan's sacrifices must surely be mediocre especially with the millions he can expect to garner at the end of his political career.
Again, the governing has missed the BIG picture on the governed. While leaders deserve to be paid well, even handsomely, the crux of the matter is that not all of them deserve so, especially when they have yet to prove themselves.
The public unhappiness stems from the fact that if some of the leaders are not in public office, will they command such high pay on their own steam?
Probably not.
It is thus good to pay people in public office decently --- frankly unless one feeds on a daily diet of caviar and abalone --- $30,000 a month is comfortable enough even for PB founder Hugh Hefner unless he has orgies in mind!
It seems greed has taken over good sense, patriotism and personal values because reward for honest and deserving leaders can come in other forms instead of mere cold, hard cash. They can be in other intangibles such as ensuring a fully-paid for and comfortable home for them and their families upon their retirement...thereby ensuring their total commitment to this little red dot which we call home.

Anonymous said...

How are these soldier boy generals going to defend Sg and its' people? They miss their children and maybe spouse and parents whilst still in Sin. How are they going to the war zone with their hearts stusk to mummy and juniors??
Oh lest Singaporeans forget, there are little to protect in Sg, national assets are sold to foreigners and foreigners are invited to buy local goods including housing. So protect what and defend what??

Anonymous said...

Great idea.

Singapore government is the biggest landlord here,no problem at all.

But do give them the freedom of choice,so provide the houses and let them decide.

My worry is that they will just ignore you.

Anonymous said...

Ptui! Puke, what they do is no different to the hundreds of thousands of Citizens working hard to pay off theier big loan burden brought upon by these mis-aligned and lunatic leaders. Unbelievable

Anonymous said...

"How are these soldier boy generals going to defend Sg and its' people? "

Don't worry. PAP could already prepare with this ultimate excuse should the defence fails.

"Because Singapore is unique and special."

Anonymous said...

Defend Singapore!

Vote out the paper generals.