Rogues in uniform

The ST reported several cases of Singaporeans travelling overseas and were detained for months in foreign jails and treated by criminals. And their crimes were due to some rogues in uniform and their wild imaginations. They arrested them on grounds of suspicions or when they were under some kinds of hallucination that a family could be involved in human trafficking or trying to sell the children they under their care.

Civil Engineer Shirley Too and her husband were arrested in Dubai. They were heading to Rome for the blessing of the baby she was conceiving and ended up in a miscarriage because of the wrongful detention of nine months in Dubai jail, and not allowed to contact the Singapore Embassy staff. Her imagined crime was the four boys, three teenagers and a 12 year old, whom the rogues in uniformed imagined were to be sold by them. A simple inquiry would have resolved such a misunderstanding or false accusation. They were many cases of worst accusations involving drug trafficking when the ulterior motive was bribe money that the rogues demanded for the release.

There must be international laws to punish such rogues if, for any reason, is to protect the innocent from the injustice, cruelty and nightmare that they had to put up with. Children were not spared by such criminals in uniform. Where is the UN when such blatant acts of violating human rights were so prevalent? Could they not do anything?

In the Shirley Too’s case, not only an apology will be adequate. The Dubai govt must be made to pay compensation for the time under wrongful detention and the miscarriage. The release of Shirley Too or other Singaporeans under wrongful detention is not enough or acceptable. The rogues must be punished and their victims compensated. Only then could such incidents be reduced. It is frightening and torturing to be put through such an ordeal for anyone, adult, woman or child.

How many animals are in uniform and given authority to abuse the innocents and could simply get away with their crimes?


Anonymous said...

Sad that the once highly regarded red passport carries less "respect"nowadays

Anonymous said...

There are countries that still live by the ethos of the Middle Ages.

Anonymous said...

Dont expect other countries to treat visitors the way Sin welcomes foreigners.
In any case, without detail information, it is not fair to comment on the Authority of Foreign Nation.

Anonymous said...

But I dun understand why must one go so far away to Rome for the blessing of the baby.Singapore cannot bless meh?
What should we learn from here?
Treasure your new born and dun travel unnecessary if you are pregnant.
Always be humble and dun KaylengKehSeh and think too highly as a Singaporean.
Dun fill in the immigration card as Sally Toh if you are actually Toh Siew Cheng.Be proud of your name.

But I am not sure about this ST case.
Maybe she really suay to meet such rogue officers.But then again,dun tell me that there are no cases here where innocents are punish wrongly.

Anonymous said...

Superstition was to be blamed. Blessed are those that take care of themselves and not depend on miracle.

Anonymous said...

Some people are just weird.
Virgin gave birth and they
believed in it.