Maslow’s Needs Theory

Many people are familiar with Maslow’s four levels of needs Theory. The normal progression of normal human beans is from one level to the next.
After observing recent developments in our society, I will take liberty to offer a couple of variations to this great social theory. The theory states that once a person has attained all this needs for Recognition in level 3 he will proceed to level 4 when Self Actualisation becomes a natural thing. Here many will want to do what he enjoys doing just for his own enjoyment, with no care of money or other factors. As long as he is happy, he will just do it. So some will just want to spend time travelling and see the world, play with grandchildren or become karaoke singers or chefs to cook for family and friends.

There is one variation to this. Of course there could be many variations. To my observation, some can be stucked in level 3 and unable to move out of it. They will continue to seek wealth, power and recognition and be intoxicated in these preoccupations. They forgot that there are better things to do in level 4. The theorists may argue that their level 3 and level 4 actually merged. Or they haven’t had enough of recognition and rewards. They are happy to continue to do what that makes them happy, be it acquisition of more wealth and more recognition and power. These could explain why some refuse to stop working and enjoy working till they die. They don’t find pleasure in their grandchildren, or lesser pleasure than what they are doing, they don’t like singing or travelling, they don’t like to smell the roses. They may look silly to those who don’t understand them. Some may condemn them as the Shylock of Shakespearian fame, living for money and nothing else.

Another variation is the propulsion or double promotion from level 3 to level 5. Instead of Self Actualisation, they ended in a state of Self Delusion. Some may start to imagine they are infallible, they are immortals. Some may believe that they are indispensable and without them the world will collapse. Such grandeur in their thinking could have negative consequences. On their own, if they remain in a sanatorium, things will be manageable. If they continue to live in society and be mentality and economically active, they may make demands that will appear insane to normal people.

The state of Self Delusion or Level 5, my addition to the Maslow’s Theory of needs, borders very closely to the state of Insanity. A very thin line dividing the two. In this state, people no longer understand that their behavior is queer, overbearing and abusively intolerable or unacceptable to the normal people. They could not understand why they have become so nauseating and difficult to be with, that people don’t agree with them any more.

But what to expect when they are in self delusion? How could they be knocked back to consciousness and which level will they find themselves in when it happened? By then they could not even remain in level 3, where there is recognition. They would be rejected by society and would not be able to command the respect and value for what they will be doing. It is like hitting the head of a snake in a snake and ladder game and the fall could go down deep, like falling from grace.
Maslow’s Theory can be quite interesting look at the new variations.


Anonymous said...

Level 5 is tolerable as long as the finger is not on the nuclear button or the hand is on the reserves.

Maybe that's why USA Presidents are not allowed to serve for more than 2 terms.

Anonymous said...

We need to reach the 6th level.....curry land

market2garden said...

Glad to have you have a deeper understanding of Maslow's Hierarchy of Needs. Most of us was in the impression of (even the lecturer never know quite well) going to next level of needs first must attained the existing level.
Mozart, the composer, not even satisfied physiological needs in his last year of life, produced tremendous masterpieces which regarded now as pinnacle of classical music, thus attained self-actualization.
BTW, five levels is the final product, if we explore further, initially either there was four / seven levels then became sever / four and then finally five levels.

market2garden said...

The previous stated "final product" is the management textbook CONVENIENTLY made it that way. Things are very different when we look at it superficially or go deeper, e.g Chemistry we learned in Secondary Level are just "conveniently summary" of the U-Level Chemistry.
[Socrates] One thing only I know, and that is that I know nothing.

Anonymous said...

"One thing only I know, and that is that I know nothing."

But our government scholars are better than Socrates.
First become scholar.
Then become admiral.
Then become politician.
Then become Transport Minister.
Then become SMRT train expert.

That's why must pay them one million dollar salary.

"One thing only I DON'T know, and that is that I know nothing."
PAP Politicians.

li345feng said...
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Anonymous said...

Maslows' Theory is outdated.

The most realistic theory is the delusional one by Redbean. Singaporeans, especially those that collect millions annually are inclined to the delusional and or dreamy one. Goh Chok Tong will tell You to dream big while he can progress to the delusional level bcos his dreams were fulfilled many times over.

Mr. B.Nain said...

Maslow was wrong. See SSRN article:
Nain, Bhavya, Nain's Hierarchy of Needs: An Alternative to Maslow's & ERG's Hierarchy of Needs (June 14, 2013). Available at SSRN: http://ssrn.com/abstract=2279375