Singapore Ministers not the highest paid in the World

I read this report from a Elena Torrijos in Yahoo News, Singapore. This is her first 2 paragraphs.

Updated (6.24pm)
Singapore ministers, among the highest-paid in the world, should have their salaries cut by 37 per cent to S$1.1 million and their pension benefits stripped, the panel to review political pay said in a press release to the public on Wednesday.

Singapore ministers are only among the highest paid in the world, not the highest. This must be a consoling news from Yahoo.

Is this what the reporter is saying? Or at least this is the impression I am getting. Maybe she knows something that I don't.


Ⓜatilah $ingapura⚠️ said...

Big deal. So what?

Anonymous said...

No matter how you wash charcoal, it can never be white.

Anonymous said...

The PAP government is becoming impossible . It is still arrogant, shameless and self serving and that is why they are still paying themselves ridiculously and insanely high remuneration inspite of the token deduction recommended by the Salary Review Panel. Why is it necessary for them to add the (1) Annual Variable Component, (2) Performance Bonus, (3) GDP Bonus? When these components are added to their salary they will still be getting from between two to ten or twelve million dollars annually depending on the status of their ministerial post. This is sheer robbery. It is incomprehensible madness when hundreds of thousands of Singaporeans can hardly make ends meet and these political self serving characters think their millions are never enough. They should be shown the way out in the next General Election in 2016. Shame on these senseless self serving fake leaders.

Disillusioned patriot.

Anonymous said...

Yeah, if they want to have the Annual Variable component then they should not add in the GDP Bonus because this is also already a variable component.Why must have two variable bonuses?