An intelligent way to fight corruption

Every country is faced with the disease of corruption and finds their own ways to deal with them. The easiest and quite effective way, in case the problem is too big, is to simply behead them when caught. For a big country like China, they have yet to find a better way to deal with corruption. India, an equally big country with equally big corruption problem chose a diametrically opposite way, to live with corruption. And this is a method that many third world countries have adopted. It also suits the power of the day, to share in the corruption and get rich as well.

In between these two, there are many different models, with law enforcement and anti corruption agencies playing their part. But all are destined to fail as they go against the grain of being human, human nature and human greed. As such, even the anti corruption agencies ended with corruption in their own ranks.

Human greed is just another desire like sex, hunger and thirst. It is part of human nature. Once this is acknowledged and accepted, it is easier to deal with in a more effective, efficient and humane way. Don’t treat it like a disease or a crime. Treat it like a business, in economic terms, a human want, a desire to be satisfied at a price.

This approach is the essence of the Singapore way to manage corruption. Accept that every bean is corruptible at some time, at some place, at some price. Satisfy this want, this desire, and the urge will be smothered. After a hearty meal, after an orgasm, the desire to eat or to have sex is gone. But prepare to feed the desire again when it arises.

The high pay to manage corruption is a brilliant and humane approach to tackling the problem of greed. Oops, shouldn’t call it a problem, it is just a human trait. Feeding the greed does not go against the grain of nature. It is living with nature, living with the weaknesses of being human. No need to put people behind bars, or behead anyone. And by paying to quench the thirst, everyone is happy, the payer and the recipient. And with more money in circulation, it is also good for the economy too. It lubricates and makes the country more prosperous, can buy big cars and big houses, making the GDP number better looking. It also creates jobs, especially services.

It is a unique way to deal with the oldest disease of human beans. And it works, and is good for everyone. Actually many countries are also doing it, except illegally. By making it legal, crime rate also goes down. People who are corrupt are just succumbing to the temptation of the flesh. Send them to a half way house for rehabilitation.

It requires exceptional talent and intelligence to see the brilliance of this approach to managing the human desire of greed. And it requires exceptional intelligence to truly appreciate it beauty.

I think I may submit this paper to the UN for consideration. May even get a Nobel Prize for championing human rights. But I am only stealing the credit. This is definitely not my idea. I am just plagiarizing.


Anonymous said...

There are several countries which perform better than the multi-million dollars route,why not study in details how they do it?

Anonymous said...

Me says let them have as much as they want.
Am I the only one who knows that no man can be having sex all the time, having more than a wife without them going for each others' throat. Is there anyone there happy to be in their luxury yatch for months without touching land?
Can a man or woman sleeps in ten bedrooms, uses twenty toilets in the house or houses??? Oh lest me am accuse of living in a hole though a tiny dot is quite similar; Mrs Imelda Marcos is living with thousand pairs of shoes!

Anyone thinks that those filthy rich do not have problem of how to apportion their fortunes to their successors. Or, their youngs are not plotting or wishing them dead.

Money brings abundance, too much money also brings problem. However, the BIGGEST PROBLEM is that as one ages, virility dwindles, the skin wrinkles, the body aches, the heart laments and the spirit suffers. Why? Nature has a way to deal with mankind, one comes naked and shall go empty. So much for been wealthy.


Chua Chin Leng aka redbean said...

They will quietly say, only losers think like this. What they have are happy problems. Try to imagine scratching their heads on how to spend $55k every month.

I also love to have this kind of problems.

Anonymous said...

Love it or not,
they will have
to face the problems!
They can love it
as much as they want.
No envy from others,
that is why me says
they can take all
they want.