Sinners not allowed in paradise

The gate of paradise is heavily guarded by no nonsense and morally upright prudes. No sinners are allowed to pass through that gate with no exceptions. The moral high ground is zealously protected. Everyone walking around in paradise has a halo above his head, a sign of being above temptations.

Paradise is only for the holiest of the holy. And they wear white, laundered many times a day to make sure their attires are really spotless. When dirty, just launder again and again. Incidentally laundering is good business in paradise. Many citizens need laundering services to stay clean and white.

Clinton and his Lewinsky friend will be a no no in paradise. Sinners, they will scream. Obama, getting richer and richer despite his paltry salary, is also a suspect. He must be a man of low repute, dipping his fingers in the cookie jar. Money must have come from less clean sources and no amount of laundering would make it clean. So are the leaders of the world, all suspects of recipients of unclean money. No wonder they are seen as leaders with low dignities. The angels have been instructed to keep these sinners out. And the citizens of paradise are happily playing with their fiddlers.

Be clean, so said the holy of the holiest, and the equally clean citizens roared with approval. And they walk around carry stones to throw at the unclean.

Jesus frowned. ‘Let the one who has not sinned be the first to cast his stone.’ And they cast their stones at the sinners. The citizens and the holies of paradise are clean and have not sinned.



Anonymous said...

When Jesus said that, he was not referring to morality but immortality in high places.

Go and sin no more means don't go and kiss the asses of farters.

Anonymous said...

That's why I am SINLESS LOLZ

Anonymous said...

the joke is this..when you go to a local church..you become a sinner :)

Burn me muahahahahahaha

Anonymous said...

A wonderful piece on this Birthday Of Human Beings.
Washing does not keep anyone clean when the heart is filled with greed, the brain is filled with filth and the spirit is filled with shit.

They can wear white, are they able to make this BLACK DOT as less darker???


Anonymous said...

Dear Readers;

my apology!

In my Above Post 'as less darker'
should read 'ani less darker'.


Ⓜatilah $ingapura⚠️ said...

Greetings from Suntech City.

From here it's a short trip across Nicol Highway, to a place better than heaven : Geylang.

Sinners are always more interesting than boring old prudes.

Ok. Time for some pussy. See you later!

Anonymous said...

Enjoy your pussies, Jizzus Cuntry

Anonymous said...

Please use condom on your prick, not your tongue...ok Matilah?

Chua Chin Leng aka redbean said...

More Sinkies are starting to cast their stones at the sinners.