Dr. Mahatir Mohamed back in Malaysia's politics

Dr. Mahatir has returned from retirement to fight in politics again. His mission is to right the wrongs which he thinks PM Najib is committing  He has been accusing Najib for corruption . He conveniently forgets that Najib was his perfect loyal student who learns all the tricks from him .

In his twenty-two years rule Mahatir had played with the country and the people's welfare. Who benefitted from Mallaysia's fiasco in its lost of billions of dollars in Malaysia's investment in the sick British pound. Well, of course Soros the Jewish elite made billions from it. Other than Soros who else benefitted? That is a big question mark.

What happened to Malaysia Airways ? Who benefitted from its lost of billions of dollars?  What about the lack lustre development of Port Klang , another multi billion dollar project?  Where had all the money gone?  Who was the transport and communication minister there and then.

How do some of the scions of Malaysia's prominent politicians become multi millionaires or billionaires overnight?

Dr. Mahatir brought disharmony to the country by practising ill conceived religion and narrow racialistic politics to benefit his party's agenda. So don't be a hypocrite and accuse PM Najib just to suit his own agenda. 

His unbecoming or sour talk about Najib's China's capital and investment in Malaysia smacks a nuance of his being now an American mouthpiece . Since when has he decided to become an American poodle to speak ill of China. Under the Evil US Imperial Empire's influence he illicitly and shamefully claims some of the Chinese islands in the South China Sea. He seems to forget there was no country call Malaya or Malaysia until the British chose to leave in 1957 and 1965 when it found that British colonialism was untenable in the face of history. Even then England never claim the Chinese islands in the South China Sea. In fact England and all the West including US and Japan have always recognized the Paracels and the chain of Spratly Islands as Chinese territories. In fact all the islands in the South China Sea have since time immemorial been Chinese territories as far back as the Chin or Han Dynasty over two thousand years ago 

In  1986 the West and US floated the UNCLOS - United Nations Convention of the Laws of the Sea. China had asserted that UNCLOS should not and must not encroach or supercede China's historical ownership of her South China Sea's territories before it signed the agreement in later years. However USA itself refused to sign the agreement fearing a lot of legal suits would be filed against US unlawful occupation of other peoples or countries islands and territories. In short USA will not subject itself to international laws it helped to formulate.

Dr Mahatir by his action and stupid assertion that Malaysia has claims to some of the Chinese islands in the South China Sea is thus incongruent with Malaysia's history. Has Mahatir been smoking too much of  American pipe and has suddenly come under US's sinister influence. 

Those who sleep with the Evil Empire will always end up in big serious trouble and eventually lost their countries' sovereignty. There are too many cases to enumerate. But just to mention a few recent ones like Afghanistan, Egypt, Iraq, Libya and Iran when it was under the Shah.


Monday , 09th April. 2018


Anonymous said...

Mahathir the old bastard is responsible for the CLOB debacle in which many Sinkies lost money.

Ⓜatilah $ingapura⚠️ said...
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Ⓜatilah $ingapura⚠️ said...

Sorry lah Dr M. Najib is going to win. And Malaysians will be sad. Too bad lah.

91 years old, take a break. You're done lah.


The CLOb was only a debacle for the gullible assholes who had more money than good sense. If you lost money, motherfucker, you deserved it.

Several "friends" approached me at the time, a fair few of them "remisers" from "respected firms" all asking me to buy buy buy, sure win lah, cannot lose...and I told them to fuck off---Malaysian stocks ah?...kepala butoh puki mak...sure got cheat-people one. They they proceeded to "guilt-trip" me and make me feel like a loser.

All of them eventually lost money...some really big they had to sell their condos and cars 🤣😂. Yah, nice one Singapore...try to profit off Malaysia's back, kena plucked by a wiley Dr M.

KNN, Caveat Emptor lah

Anonymous said...

Mahathir, ta'boleh lah! Sudah 91, mana boleh? Pakai tongkat ali poon ta'boleh lah.

Anonymous said...

What happened to Malaysia Airways?
Mana ada Malaysia Airways.
There was a Malayan Airways, which became Malaysia-Singapore Airlines when Singapore was part of Malaysia.
Oh, you mean MalaysiaN Airways? It was only in use from 1963-1965 and was kicked out when Singapore was kicked out of Malaysia.
Then it became Malaysian Airline System, but since Mana Ada Sistem, it is now known as Malaysia Airlines.

Anonymous said...

Set a thief to catch a thief.

Anonymous said...

In one of his blog many years ago, he was fighting USA and ask the innocent Malaysian to fight. I remember posting on his blog to caution him that USA will bomb Malysia back to Stone Age lar😀😀😀Knn

Anonymous said...

Without Sing n China investments, they might be eating grass.

Ⓜatilah $ingapura⚠️ said...
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Ⓜatilah $ingapura⚠️ said...

@ 628:

I'd go even further. Without the hardworking and savvy Chinese there, there won't even be grass for them to eat.

The average person in Malaysia could be eating shit, but Najib's wife (murder suspect), has at least TWELVE Hermès Birkin Bags---world's most expensive bag. I would be surprised if old Rosmah carries around C4 in it...just in case it's needed. Like the Scout's Motto says: Be Prepared! 😂🤣

Anonymous said...

Mahathir is now probably under the CIA's payroll list.

The US government has been trying very hard to twist PM Najib's arms and legs, but have not fully succeeded.

So, the pussy-grabing Trump could have used the CIA to interfere in the Malaysian political landscape, because of Najib's pro-China stance.

Mahathir's son could be the contact man to reach Mahathir.

Anyway, it surely looks like Mahathir is now on the side of the US, against China and everything Chinese.

He had better be careful of someone sending him C4 as his birthday gift?