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Yesterday’s mantra, today’s high falutin

How things can change overnight. Many great arguments, uncontested and unchallenged, were elevated to become the daily mantras of Sinkies. Overnight, after a heavy storm, the dull Sinkie minds seem to have brightened after the rain water flooded them. Now they are calling all the mantras high falutins. They don’t believe in any of them anymore.

The first to fall is the high salary for super talent. This brought along the demise of high salary to prevent corruption mantra. This is amazing. As they said, real gold is not afraid of fire. But gold plating is a different thing altogether. How many high mantras are going the high falutin way?

Maybe the Sinkies are going crazy and the old mantras are still valid but the Sinkies could not appreciate how valuable they were.


Anonymous said...

Has the salary really been reduced?

Let's just wait and see in 2013, when the ministerial wages bill for 2012 gets totaled up.

Anonymous said...

Amazing how sinkies are so stingy towards how much they pay their ministers who take care of the country and its people, classic penny wise, pound foolish.

Chua Chin Leng aka redbean said...

The quality of our political leadership just gone down by about 36%.

Anonymous said...

Just goes to show what a little tsunami in Aljunied GRC can do to demolish all the fallacious arguments to support those mantras in the years gone by.

Many Singaporeans have all along voiced misgivings about what can more opposition MPs do when elected into Parliament. The answer is now quite obvious. Electing more of them into Parliament will force the PAP to change and the effect is starting to bear fruit.

The opposition just have to build up strength to contest the next election in 2016 and I am sure the result will be for the good of Singaporeans, whatever misgivings there may be.

The PAP does not fear nor listen to Singaporeans. What it fears is their vote and some Singaporeans have now started to use that vote wisely. More will follow in the elections to come. The PAP knows this and is slowly realising that mantras cast in stone can still be pulverised into dust.

Matilah_Singapura said...

All talk cock, and talk big.

Come to putting money where the big mouth is, all balls-drop.

Useless fart-brained cunts.

Anonymous said...

And the biggest cock talker is....

Anonymous said...

Don't get Matilah excited or he'll squirt goat milk on your face.