Wrong ways to treat a super talent

Madoff, in all counts, is a supertalent in a league of his own. How many supertalents can count so many other supertalents as victims of their talents? And Madoff has the whole world's financial talents and the super rich crawling on their knees to feed him. And now the Americans are not only charging him, they confiscated his properties and passports, and put an electronic tag on his leg. This is very demeaning and inappropriate to treat their once hero. He was a very generous man, helping a lot of people, with charitable foundations in his name. These should be good enough mitigating factors to treat him nicely. And his talents can still be put to good use. Such a waste.


Anonymous said...

Mistreatment of a modern day Robin Hood, You mean?

I am inclined to agree with You, my Wise One.


Anonymous said...

Is he an olden day 'Robin Hood' or a modern day 'Hood Robin'?

Anyway he is helping a lot of people, like pensioners going back to work after probably wiping out their life savings or pensions.

Ⓜatilah $ingapura⚠️ said...

There are important lessons about the Bernie Made-Off with billions incident.

These lessons can be applied to control the citizens — mind control, especially the wilful trust given to him by many 'smart' people.

In the new year I shall be going thru some mind control tactics a government might use for TOTAL GOVERNMENT CONTROL.

I'll briefly outline:

Why do humans act?

Humans act to attain certain goals. Before realisation of these objectives, these goals appear in the mind as expectations.

What Made-Off did was to play on peoples' expectations and implant the idea that he was the best 'agent' to aid people in the full realisation of their expectations.

More about this soon...