Myth 201 - PAP is the only party that can run Little Red Dot.

Myth 201 - PAP is the only party that can run Little Red Dot. By Green Peas Present and past PAP leaders have been trying to inculcate into our mindset that without the PAP, Paradise will not be paradise any more. There will by chaos, riots, unrest, serious unemployment and our mothers and sisters will have to go to foreign land to become maids. They want to make us all believe that PAP is the only party that is capable of running the Little Red Dot. See what has happened in Thailand. Thaksin's party has been changed from TRT to PPP and now to PT. So what is in a name? It is not the brand name that counts. Names can be changed over-night at whims and fancies and expediency. It is the people who really counts, not the name of the party. And who are the people who really counts that we depend upon to run the Little Red Dot? The civil servants, the administrative service, the police, the armed forces and civil defence, as well as the quasi-govt staff who draw a salary every month. These are the people who actually run the country. Heads (not leaders because we don't have real leaders) can come and go, but the permanent staff are always there. I have been in a govt dept where scholars just come in and warm the seat as my boss for two years and then off they go after stirring up some shits without having to care who would do the cleaning up for them. Oh wait a minute. But people say they are there to plan and give guidance. Sure they seems to be there to plan and give guidance. But the next guy that comes in would turn the previous guy's plans and policies upside down. So what guidance are we talking about? Confusion! Disruptions! Discontinuity! So what is the remedy for the permanent staff? We continue to "run" the country the way we know too well, with or without the scholars. Scholars come, scholars go. They never last more than two years. Remember, they need to chase and climb the ladder up the hierarchy of their own selfish progress and promotion. Oh, yes! Didn't somebody said, "Meritocracy"? So, is PAP the only party that can run Little Red Dot? Or is it only a myth to cast fear and create a dependent mentality?


Anonymous said...

A rose by any other name will smell as sweet. So will paradise if it is run by any other party.

What matters is the people, the hardware.

After changing my Operating System from the dominant MicroSucks Windows to lesser used Linux, my system runs much better than before on the same hardware and yet, productivity increases since the entire system is less bloated and has better memory management.

I would never had known the difference if I never made the change. Now I am glad I did.

Paradise too needs an Operating System change asap. Too many multi-million dollars bloat wares are taking up all the memories.

Chua Chin Leng aka redbean said...

i want to start a new religion and a new group of diehard followers who will just believe in what i say and no question ask. then i can behave like god. and i will look godlike.

Anonymous said...

There is an easier way. Retrace your family roots and see if you can somehow link some connection to a certain Lee family in paradise. That way you can behave like god too as long as old man Lee buys it.

Anonymous said...

Please be very careful what you both say and write here. I am sure big brother is watching you all the time. One wrong word and you kena hantam with a law suit. If that happens you will surely become bankrupt and no law court on this paradise island will forgive you.

Be careful chaps, just a sincere warning.

Chua Chin Leng aka redbean said...

you are right. i will remove this myth from green peas if anyone feels offended.

just let me know. i don't wish to offend anyone.