The ridiculous nature of cyberspace

It is so ridiculous that cyberspace has now been use to its best to ridicule officialdom. Any dignitary, thoroughbred, infallible or otherwise supreme talent that once was sharing sermons of wisdom is now the convenient target of ridicules if he/she reveals his/her true self too often. The weapon of ridicule is perhaps the most power weapon available at this point in time to netizens. I think netizens know that there is nothing that they can do to engage in a real discussion with officialdom. They know that they will be ignored for good reasons. So, at best, they will make a silly statement looks even more silly than it really was. But would it matter? I think no. Officialdom lives in another world and there is no engagement. The hardcore netizens swear that they will not read the old media or main stream media. Likewise officialdom will not waste time in cyberspace to read the ridiculous postings. Officialdom will simply say what they want to say in the old media and that's it. It is official. When shall the Twains meet? Or will ever the Twains shall meet? Actually I got this feeling that they met but pretended not to meet. And cyberspace will remain as ridiculous as it can get while the old media will remain as official as it can get.


Anonymous said...

The Twains will not meet, they will collide.

Pardon me, i am being superficial.


Anonymous said...

Yesterday was Christmas Day but there no humility in this special day by the selfish rich. The selfish rich has crashed the capitalist markets worldwide and yet they are still flaunting their wealth like nobodyƛ business in Singapore, driving around in luxurious cars, living in expensive houses, living an expensive lifestyles and continue to suppress workers salaries while they are enjoying themselves to the fullest. Or hypocritically pretending to be poor by dressing in the clothes of the poor. The lowest salaried workers cannot possibly be blamed for the crash of the capitalist markets as there is no way they can manipulate the market to their advantage. In fact, they are the victims of exploitation during good and bad times. In Singapore, there is little avenue to make complaints against exploitation by the selfish rich. It is horrible to be living in extremely selfish Singapore of the selfish rich. It is a freaking sickening place. Even the bus and train company directors can be monopolistic, exploitative and insensitive to the needs of public transport commuters as can be read in the many angry comments against them in cyberspace. In fact, they just ignore the angry comments as their money and power are not affected. This is the state of the selfish rich in Singapore. The selfish rich give capitalism a very bad name and make capitalism unworkable for the rest who need it.

Francis Chua, Singapore

Anonymous said...


[Body of Chinese man found floating in the river at Clarke Quay]

This is yet another of the many spooky drowning cases in Singapore. Nobody ask questions.

Francis Chua, Singapore

Anonymous said...

Ask questions? Must be mad to ask questions. Not in Singapore! You mean you do not know who run Singapore?

Chua Chin Leng aka redbean said...

hi patriot, the Twains were not meant to meet. different missions.

and francis, nothing wrong to be rich. everyone should aspire to be rich. it is not very good to be too greedy and just take and take with no consideration for fairness and not a care of sharing with the down trodden.

be rich and be a little generous. no need to be too generous if not wanting to. but don't be a thief.