Myth 203 - Transport fare is linked to oil prices

This myth is destroyed for good. There is a link, but indirectly, to oil price. According to Transport Minister Raymond Lim, "This is because the public transport fare is not directly linked to the oil prices. We link it to national factors, like the inflation level in Singapore, and the wage level in the whole of Singapore." So be careful when your wage level goes up. It will only cause transport fare to go up. Maybe another kind of market pricing like HDB, not related to cost of producing the goods or services.


Anonymous said...

Our super talents are good in such things. For high cost of living they will compare with Japan and the West and proclaim we are still cheaper. For poor performances they will compare with Indonesia, Philippines, Thailand etc and proclaim we are the best in this region. Heads they win, tails you loose.

Chua Chin Leng aka redbean said...

i think this is another blunder if you read the reactions in toc.

Anonymous said...

They won in every issue in the past and now.


tomorrow, we may all lose in a national disaster.