How I wish....

With so many frauds being disclosed, with so many people losing their fortunes, it is sad that the only person they could point the finger at is Madoff. What about all the thieves that have enriched themselves all these years in the financial industry? The auditors, the regulators, the CEOs, etc etc? Are they all innocent? How I wish America is a communist state today. You know what the communists did to the thieves that plundered and stole the people's money? They either decapitated them or shot them in a firing squad. But with a justice system that pays big money to the lawyers to find someone guilty or to defend the thieves and make them innocent, there will be no natural justice but the justice of money and power.


Anonymous said...

In this materialistic world, money is king. This is very pronounce in this city state of Singapore. With money you can buy anything here. Nothing is out of reach and impossible. The elites have it good all the way and in every way. Life is such a breeze for them. Justice for all the swindles and the mis-selling? Dream on Redbean. You will never see that here in Singapore.

Chua Chin Leng aka redbean said...

america is the number country for rule of law. let's see how this is applied, if it is being applied at all. we are too far away.

Anonymous said...

your wish is coming true - america is on the way to becoming communist =)

Anonymous said...

Good news for the needy Singaporeans

I have more good news for needy Singaporeans, including those formerly rich,
in Singapore:

If anyone is poor, hungry and have no money in Singapore, they can walk into any food centre and ask for free food. If they are willing to ask, they will get free food. I have spoken to a food centre operator, and this is what he told me.

If anyone need an MRT ride but have no money, they can go to any MRT Station Control, present their Ez Link card and Identity Card and tell the MRT staffs they have no money for a train ride. They need to sign an 'EXIT AUTHORISATION FORM' with their name, IC numbers and the reasons 'INSUFFICIENT CASH TO TRAVEL' on the form. They will get ONE AND ONLY train ride courtesy of SMRT.

If anyone need a bus ride but have no money, they can board an SBS bus, and tell the bus driver that they have no money for the bus ride, and they will get a bus ride courtesy of SBS.

I walked into a private medical clinic in my neighbourhood today to ask whether needy patients can get a medical consultation and the medicine and pay later. The lady staff on duty replied that she need to ask the doctors first. She seem to be caught unprepared for the question.

If the needy are willing to ask, they will get the rides and other things. Please also go to the Community Development Councils to ask for help.

I tried both SBS bus and SMRT train ride today without paying any money. I told them I had no money and need the rides. However, I was told by the SMRT lady staff that SMRT give out the free train ride once only. I will not be able to get another free ride in the future, even in an emergency. She told me to get money to travel even when I have no money. Her words sent a chill down my spine.

I think it can be dire to deny the needy, including the formerly rich, who need a ride but have no money to pay for them, as both SBS, Trans Island and SMRT are the sole public transport operators in Singapore. Do that mean that there are many needy Singaporeans who are turned away when they do not have the money for public transport or have been so mentally stressed out because of this no-money-go-and-die policy of the monopolistic companies and have been suffering in silence, totally censor out by the official and unofficial media?

Worse comes to worse, just walk. I have walked from Newton to Orchard and then to Dolby Ghaut and back again from Dolby Ghaut to Orchard, then to Newton, to Novena, to Toa Payoh, then to Braddell and finally to Bishan, and to my place. It was a sweaty walk. In the olden days, most Singaporeans walked to and from their workplaces even if they are very far away. Sometimes, it may take them 3 hours to reach their workplaces. And another 3 hours to reach their home. Walking is free.

I think the wealthy environment in Singapore, the pressence of the many beautifully built towers, shopping malls, MRT stations, and beautiful private and public housings, has made it very difficult for someone who has no money to tell others they have no money. It is a shame to be poor in rich Singapore. To be poor is to be powerless in Singapore.

The poor and powerless are shunned by those around them. They ended up picking empty soft drink cans and used newspaper to sell for a few cents. It is so difficult to tell others when one has no money, but after doing that, one is liberated. Now, I can tell others I have money when I have money and I can also tell others I have no money when I have no money. I think PAP and other Singaporeans created a wealth culture for Singaporeans that having no money is a shame that cannot be spoken. It is a mental trap that can kill.

The official media is or was always full of money and wealthy news and pictures to brainwash the readers into thinking that having money is great and having no money is a shame. There is also a local saying that having no money is a no-no. It so terrified others when such sayings go around and with the looming economic crisis. People are scared. Oh my goodness, this bad thinking has caused so many human suicides and tragedies that can be avoided.

When any Singaporeans has no money for anything, please do not be afraid or be shameful, just speak out, even if you are well-dressed, and tell the various persons, and some help will be there for you. There will be some free food, free public transport and free other things until you are able to stand on your own two feet. In good times and in bad times, it is never a shame nor a crime to be poor and to have no money. Money you have lost you can always made it back again, just do not feel shameful or that it is a crime to be poor and have no money. It is a fact that everyone is born naked, dirty, sticky, poor, and without any possessions.

Please pass this message around. Thank you.

Francis Chua, Singapore

Anonymous said...

I think WP, SPP, SDP, NSP and others have raise the poverty issues in Singapore many times.

(WP, SPP, SDP and NSP are the better known non-ruling political parties in Singapore)

Francis Chua, Singapore

Anonymous said...

I think the ruling party PAP and others should stop dominating Singapore and stop controlling the lives of Singaporeans, making life in Singapore for some Singaporeans so horrible. PAP treat those with super talent super well, giving them many thousands of dollars in education scholarships. But hike up the university fees so that the ordinary folks find it difficult to get a university education so important for this information age. Further more, PAP continue to build expensive buildings which only cater to the wants of a few, and neglecting the majority. The wealthy, intellectual and the creative class in Singapore get very good treatment whereas others get downright shoddy treatment. Those who dare to question PAP get threatened and marginalised. PAP do not make sincere attempts to equalise Singapore society despite their pledge to political equality, thus earning them the label of hypocrisy and much criticism. PAP should work at helping every Singaporean achieving self-sufficiency instead of peddling electoral gimmicks during election season. Taking from Paul to give Peter. And after that the entire cycle of minimal social assistance repeat itself again. It is beginning to be hopeless living in Singapore. Everything seems so nice until one discover the ugly truth.

Francis Chua, Singapore

Chua Chin Leng aka redbean said...

actually people shall count their own blessings. rich or poor, sometimes we need to live with what we are endowed with. it is good to have a lot of money and all the material comfort, to own a ferrari or a porche. not everyone is blessed with this kind of lifestyle.

some are blessed with good health, with healthy and normal children that are a joy to have. some with great talents in sports or arts, not necessary a lot of money.

are you able to sleep well and enjoy your slumber? if you can, that is a great blessing, just to have a good and enjoyable sleep.

Anonymous said...

Redbean and All;

I wish You all happiness and good health.


Anonymous said...


Actually, it is a crime to be poor in Singapore.

Many had been charged in the great ( and not kangaroo) courts of Singapore for having no money to pay S&C, of which the town councils happily goes gamble with. And even more had been charged with being too poor to pay their TV/radio licenses.

And with the current state of affairs, you can count the fact that many more will be charged in near future as well.

Chua Chin Leng aka redbean said...

in singapore, no money means misery. everyday life revolves around money and incurs money.

sitting at home doing nothing also cost money. there are so many things to pay for.