Our hotels are safe

We have the best men and most advanced surveillance equipment installed in all the hotels. And now we have the benefit of experience from the Mumbai attack to help us close the gaps. I think one of the things that all hotels will be doing is to vet their chefs for links to terrorist organisations. Their Indian counterparts would have provided them with vital information on what a potential terrorist would look like, the age, colour, height, passport etc etc. We should be on the look out for them. I only hope that there is an attack on key vital installations like airports, govt buildings, shopping centres etc so that we will have all the information we want. Other than chefs, I think terrorists may also seek jobs like security personnel of such installations. And if they do, they will have a whale of a time every night to inspect every aspect of the installation and to prepare for the attack. But I still have a problem. How could one detect a potential terrorist when his main task is to conceal all his background, links and intention to blow up the place? I think every terrorist will be a model employee where the boss will even think of marrying his daughter to him and let him take over the running of the organisation.


Anonymous said...

Reminds me of the movie 'Collateral Damange'. Terrorist are trained to outsmart the best security.

Chua Chin Leng aka redbean said...

nobody knows when he will be hit. the terrorists are thinking people and plotting their ways. yes, they will outsmart any system, or at least cause a lot of collateral damage when they hit.

always remember that they are in the dark and their targets are in the open.