Terrorist Attacks!

This is almost an unstoppable threat that many countries are facing. And we have to face the grief with the tragic death of Lo Hwei Yen in Mumbai. She was there, wrong place and wrong time. Nothing more, nothing less. Terrorist threats can be any where, can be at home if we are not careful. It was a sad and unnecessary loss of a young bubbling girl, one of us. It is natural that all of us feel the pain and sorrow, from the President, PM, SM, DPM and everyone in the street, her loved ones, her relations and those who do not know her. Not often that we have to feel this way as a people. Our security forces can do all they could, but don't expect them to provide a net that can keep the terrorists out. They will slip in if they want to. Just don't give them a reason. Don't stir the hornets' nest. 10 gun totting terrorists in Orchard Road or Shenton way will kill more than the 200 in Mumbai for sure. Let's keep vigilant and pray that it shall not happen here. And pay some remorse to those young men who died in NS in the call of duty to keep this place a safer place. They were not in the wrong place and the wrong time. They were there specifically to serve the country. And many have died. And the tragedies of their premature deaths were never less than dying in Mumbai. Their parents lost their sons, some, only sons, for the country. We need a little outpouring of grief the next time another young man dies in the course of duty for the country.


Anonymous said...

Hey, the hypocrisy stinks

Chua Chin Leng aka redbean said...

i have refrained from writing an article on this tragic episode. but when everyone is trying to say something nice, i may lose readership or even being accused of being insensitive if i did not say something.


hwei yen's family should be allowed to grief in their privacy.