Terrorists were foreign talents

The terrorists were foreign talents and it was reported that some were hiding in Taj Mahal Hotel as trainee chefs! Wonder how many of them were hiding in other establishments that were kind enough to offer them employments and suffered the deadly attacks. Anymore in hiding and waiting to hit the second wave or third wave? They should have scrutinised their foreign talents more thoroughly. But on second thought, it is difficult for an open economy that welcomes foreign talents to do so. They could even forged their certificates and country of orgins. Malaysia connection? Just a ruse.


Anonymous said...

If you look at the backgrounds of some of these people, you will be surprised that some are well-educated, tech-savy people or people with rich scientific backgrounds, trained to fly a plane etc. They can be in the mould of 007, jack of all trades. They can make you lower your guard. That's why they are so dangerous.

Chua Chin Leng aka redbean said...

you are right. these are not the people they picked from the weekend market. they are a different level of soldiers that can muster more than just triggering a bomb in a suicide attack. to be able to convince them to die for a cause takes more than the job of a conman.