The fairness of natural justice

On Shu Kio, the wife of Richard Yong of NKF fame, has pleaded guilty in Hong Kong for money laundering and could face up to 14 years jail and a fine of $1.1m. And the money she transferred out, $4.6m may also be gone with the wind. Richard Yong had served his due for his part in the NKF. But On Shu Kio is at best a collateral damage. And she is paying an extremely high price for it. In fact Richard Yong and wife paid the heaviest of all. This prompts one to ask how big is Richard's role in the NKF to deserve such justice. Several of the board of directors of NKF were dealt with. Some spared. And they are still hunting the lone foreigner in India. They will catch him one day, hopefully. But India is such a big place. Richard Yong and his wife should have gone to China, an equally big place and probably they will still be hunting for them. How fair is natural justice?


Anonymous said...

I think they deserve no sympathy. They cheat, lied and tried to transfer they ill-gotten gain out to HK and Switzerland. People like these do not deserve even a minute of our time. Good riddance and hope she stays in jail for a long long time.

The money they cheated could have been used to save lives or at least relieve some pain and discomfort for the NKF patients.

Chua Chin Leng aka redbean said...

i don't think they cheated or at least the wife. she was not in nkf. and the millions must be their own money. if they have cheated nkf of millions, then richard would have been jailed for life. remember cheating $1.22 fined $700. that is nearly 700 times penalty.

anyway no one cheated nkf. they only mismanaged.

Anonymous said...

Whatever you say Redbean, but I still think they deserve all the jail time coming to them.

Chua Chin Leng aka redbean said...

hi anonymous,

they deserved what they are getting. but i think they are getting quite a big share of the punishment relatively.

someone should give richard yong a $20k a month job to repay for this losses. he is a talent too.

Anonymous said...

Yes, richard yong is a talent. maybe the singapore govt should offer him a position in the ivory tower with a $20K salary.

i think they might just do that, but have to wait until people forget the nkf saga.

Chua Chin Leng aka redbean said...

the good thing about street urchins is that they did all the things that street urchins will do, and they don't deny them.

the saints are not supposed to do what the street urchins did. but they did. and the best part, they will stand at a rostrum and say, 'where got?' and everyone listening knows that he is talking cock. but no one will say anything, except in private jokes.