Sanctity of Office violated

Conflict of interest, opposing goals, human greed, have led to the violation of the sanctity of many offices and professions. The medical profession's primary mission is to heal and save lives. The legal profession is to see that justice is served. Both now come with a huge price tag. You don't get heal or get justice if you cannot pay the price. And this violation is not only confined to these two professions. It is so stark and blinding that no one can see it any more. It is like me looking into the mirror in the morning and still claiming how beautiful I look, with all the scars, blemishes and wrinkles. But I am so used to them that I no longer see them. Or at most I will apply a little cosmetics over them, get a plastic surgeon to pull at the wrinkles to give it a little freshness. Then I go around thinking that all is well and good. The fact is that the little cosmetics is only a make belief. Everyone can see the fakeness of it. When the sanctity of a good office is violated and the violators are so happy that that is the way to go, there is nothing that can be done except to wait for nature to take its toll. The time will come


Ⓜatilah $ingapura⚠️ said...

The state in this case is at fault. The state has failed to define the CORE MORALITY which should govern every profession.

When the state sets and defines the correct standards, it is easy to judge what is right and wrong, and who to punish and (occasionally) reward — with strings attached of course.

Anonymous said...

In Singapore, medical doctors who took Hippocratic Oath watch prisoners being flogged in prisons with nary any protests.

Francis Chua, Singapore

Chua Chin Leng aka redbean said...

we are living in a new morality. the morality of money.

Anonymous said...

it is frightful to think how SIN deserving youths can possibly be disadvantaged at government counters by secretaries or by lower ranking recuiting officers who have option to damn a file even before it reaches the interviewer's desk.

Teachers who gives sports award to less deserving ones. Those true in their class as champion can hardly fight back such voilations cos in SIN you dont question the teach unless you want more troubles.

These voliation are happening everywhere everyday in SIN.

The secretary entering the score result can manipulate; the volunteer parent taking the scores bumping up their own kids; marking of attendance by parents. You should take a look at the weekend parents at the sporting venue. Sanctity of Office?

You may say there is audit system in place, look at it this way, even the sports juries are human & have to collect their salary or their awards or get an occasional oversea trips. So where do you think their mind & their loyalty lies?

These violations had happened and it becomes bolder because the junior apes the senior's attitute.

It can only stop when the most senior ranking Officer put a stop to such violations.

This is how frightening SIN is. Parents paid to get their kids (who didnt qualify) into schools of their choice.

Redbeans you should write about monies politics to anchor school places. How rampant is this in SIN context?

In the written Competition Act, it was once said " As long as it can be proven there is value added.." meaning it is OK to have dominant manipulation as long as it can be proven there is value added. Why then have the competition Act if "value added" attitute voilation the sanctity of intent.

The Act was written precisely to nail the dominant from manipulating the market or the scoresheet as in sports.

Kids who are disadvantaged can hardly fight for their rights for they lack the resources and it does not help society doesnt gives a damn.

Is this the sanctity of office you are referring to? It is happening and this is contributing to penned up frustration.

Chua Chin Leng aka redbean said...

i am going to say this with a straight face, without shame. there is no such things here. if we allow such things to happen, then we are going down the slippery road.

our systems are all transparent and managed by honourable people. this is paradise and there is no place for wrong doings.