FTs versus the Prodigal sons

Our govt is very gracious in granting citizenship and PRs to foreign talents. We are bringing them in by the tens of thousands annually. I am wondering why are there still Singaporeans who want to return but unable to because they skipped their NS at a time when they were young and innocent? Could we treat them a little better than pure foreigners and work out some arrangements that are acceptable to all parties concerned? I believe a born ex citizen who chooses to return is more valuable than a completely new one. It is like the return of the prodigal son. We have our rules and laws, but with so many supertalents working on it, a middle way can be found to bring back our prodigal sons insteand of hugging unknown foreigners.


Anonymous said...

If the quitters are allowed to return with just a slap on the wrist, then it will be seen as being unfair to those who stayed behind and served the NS.

The new FTs are always welcpme because they bring vibrancy to Singapore. We need them and we must encourage them to come to help us with our economy. Without the FTs Singapore will slowly return to a backwater city. We must always welcome the FTs with open arms and treat them like valuable saviours.

Anonymous said...

-sometimes parents don't make the correct decision eventhough they have good intentions.

-must be feeling the pinch and discriminatory practices in downturn ;"Prosperity brings us friends, adversity drives them away."

Let the Prodigal sons return-compromise, fine and/or public service.

Don't forget FT can and will return to their own countries or another country IF Singapore fall into deep recession and industries collapses.

Sometimes these FT are quitters of their own country or can't compete with their brothers and sisters and take your jobs and $$.

Are they winners or losers? all perceptive.

blood is thicker than water.

Anonymous said...

Easier said than done. If they are given lenient treatment, I am sure those who have served NS will not find it acceptable, parents included.

Chua Chin Leng aka redbean said...

we pay them so much, they better think hard and come out with an acceptable solution for our prodigal sons and at the same time not to make those who served NS look foolish.

at the moment, the people laughing themselves silly are the new citizens and PRs.