Star gazing at the Pinnacles

Come next year there will be a big announcement that all the units at the Pinnacles Duxton have been snapped up at the new market price. This will vindicate that the pricing is correct, that there is real demand for such units even at higher prices. And there will be interviews with the happy and successful proud owners for being so lucky to own them. More such flats will be built in the future to cater for the growing demands, at market prices of course.


Anonymous said...

I am of the view that everything must be priced to market, Pinnacles should not be different. Its location is sought after, no reason why it should it subsidised at basement price. If there is any fault however, blame it on the outdated, yet still politically relevant policy of public housing perse. Becos we are no more an underdeveloped and underhoused community, hdb flats should be privatised ages ago. In place, there should be a new class of flats built to cater to the underprivileged, retired and the small income group. It could comprise smaller units of 30 sqm or less, for rental or short leases of 30 years etc. The breakaway and privatising of the present hdb flats will resolve the long misunderstanding by an affluent middleclass about their entitlement for subsidised housing. Hdb began with the purpose of housing the needy. The Pinnacles project has shown that it has outlived its purpose. Whether it is politically motivated anot, it is fair that changes must come when it should.We need to trash the remnants of the big nanny takes care of me from cradle to grave mindsets of sgans.

Chua Chin Leng aka redbean said...

then we should not have a govt. neither should hdb be entitled to the special position in access to the land bank and the monopoly of building flats for the people.

the first thing to do is to dismiss the govt. a govt that does not serve the people is a redundant organisation.

Anonymous said...

The needy and low income group can be looked after separately. Housing is not an entitlement. Even in the US you dont demand housing, but you buy them at market. I doubt there is a scale of public housing such as ours, anywhere in the world. Unlike the 3rd world communist countries, it is not the govt's responsibility to subsidise public housing for the middle class, the same goes for food and gas. There is no reason for the poor and ill afford to house hunt a location like Pinnacles, there is no reason for those flats to be subsidised for the big players.