Our football A Team

Anyone watched the match between Singapore's A Team against Vietnam last night? It was our best team and half of the players were foreigners. And they were playing against this greenhorn team that just started to learn to play football after half a century of warfare. It was so humiliating to see how good the Vietnamese were. Their speed, aggression and the accuracy in their passing. Our footballers were just kicking the ball without knowing where the ball will go to. The Vietnamese could do anything they want even in front of our goal posts. They dribbled and wriggled pass the Singapore players as if the latter were pieces of stiff woods. How could the Vietnamese learn to play football the way they did? And they did not have to pay for foreign talents. All local born talents. Maybe they learnt to play footballs during the war years. It was so unfortunate that they did not get a goal through our goal posts. They were clearly superior, a class above our local/foreign talent team. If Vietnam can do it, if Thailand can do it, why can't we?


Anonymous said...

SIN is 'rojak'(multi-racial, religious/local-foreign, pro/anti leadership and elites/peasant)mixture.

Vietnam and Thailand are homogenious with strong national prides, ethnic prides, tradition prides and most importantly patriotic.

SIN lacks the ingredients and inculcations.


Chua Chin Leng aka redbean said...

something is obviously wrong. and vietnam and thailand are conspiring to prove us wrong. we swear by mother and father that to progress we need foreign talents.

how can they sabo us?

Anonymous said...

Mr Lee (senior) says, "They are trying to do us in".

Mr Woon says, "They are waging decades long campaign against us".

Mr Lee (junior) says, "Mee Siam Mai Hum".

Anonymous said...

maybe recruiting the vietnamese as they sure look very Asian as compared with our foreign imports..hahaha...

Chua Chin Leng aka redbean said...

when the thais and vietnamese play football, you can see and feel the national pride in them to want to do honours for their country. this is unlike those commercial leagues where the games were played more like WWF wrestling matches. a lot of showmanship with queer results.