A sound legal defence

'An Australian journalist was sentenced to 10 months' jail by a Singapore court on Tuesday for drug offenses.... In his mitigation, Lloyd's lawyer Hamidul Haq told District Judge Hamidah Ibrahim that Lloyd did not consume drugs for "recreational purposes." Instead, he took them to "self-medicate" as he was suffering from chronic post -traumatic stress disorder. Haq said Lloyd had covered many tragedies such as the Bali bombings and the 2004 tsunami disaster. And Lloyd used the drugs to stay awake as he was constantly plagued by nightmares when he fell asleep.' The above was posted in YPAP forum by rajapisang. I have another interesting defence plea which I am not sure will be acceptable but worth trying. The next defendent of a drug case may want to try quoting the pain of losing his life savings in the minibond fiasco and having nightmares everytime he closes his eyes. Taking drug is the only way to escape the pain.


Ⓜatilah $ingapura⚠️ said...

Drugs should not be illegal in the first place. Then nobody has to “defend” themselves from the accusations of people who should be minding their own fucking business instead of deciding for others what they can and cannot put into their bodies.

Then no “apologies” or explanations are necessary. “Mind your own business. I'm getting high. My life. My business”

Anonymous said...

This is unneccesary, why 'kick' a man when he or she is down?

Francis Chua, Singapore