My A Team

What is an A Team? I can handpick many A Teams according to my fancy. For one, I can pick from all the President or Overseas Scholars and I can even fill the whole Parliament, all 84 of them. Another version of my A Team is to pick the best of each profession, a few doctors, a few lawyers, a few architects, a few engineers, a few academics. There you are, another A Tea, all excellent in making money. Or to be more colourful, I can pick Jack Neo, Zoe Tay, Christopher Lee, Tao Li, Lam Chi Beng, Mamat Mardan, Agu, a few more sportsmen and women, and I will have an A Team of celebrities. All these great talents of the respective fields have one thing in common, talent in what they are doing. The question is where is their interest, where is their heart? No matter how great they are in their respective professions, do they bring along their hearts to serve the people, care for the people, put the people's welfare first? What is likely to happen is that a footballer may think of how to make football more profitable, an actor may want to make more money for the movie industry, or a top professionals may transfer his knowledge in making money to making more money from the people instead of for the people. What we need is an A Team with a heart, thinking of how to make life better for the people, not slamming them with a few hundred thousands and make the people pay for the rest of their lives, not increasing fees, fares to make more profits from the people. Where is such an A Team? I can't find it among my A Teams of super talents.


Anonymous said...

Sounding like:
Where Have All the Leaders Gone?
By Lee A. Iacocca, Catherine Whitney

Why don't you become one? -you seem to have the humility and compassion.

or be like me, no desire to serve the people but only the agenda I serve(me).

Anonymous said...

We already have such a team in our current govt.!!!!!!

Chua Chin Leng aka redbean said...

talking in cyberspace is my little contribution to create awareness and provoking people to look at things from different perspective. it is impt that more people starts to think critically and form their own views of things.

the days of peking duck, being force fed is over. anyone who claiming to be a supertalent better prove to the people that he is truly one and not a duck.

even if they are supertalents, but may be of a wrong kind, or the heart is misplaced.

Ⓜatilah $ingapura⚠️ said...

It is possible to put a great A team together. However one must focus, identify and define precisely what the objective is.

I would say the objective is to design and control the population to such a fine point, that as a leader your job becomes easier, and your effectiveness can be rewarded by simply helping yourself to anything you like. The people are controlled. They won't protest.

A good teamster is one who pays attention to the public. If the public want help give them help, Bring it to your team. If the public don't want help, be pro-active and discover or create ways of helping them.

In that way you'll ensure that you represent a constant value and an irreplaceable asset to the state, and to the public.

The object of the team is to command and control. In fact, these should be the bedrock values of any A team. When you manage to control the population, you can command them, and then you can take the country and its people in whatever direction you desire, and of course reward yourself and the rest of the A Team handsomely for it.

There is enormous opportunity: people nowadays don't want to look after themselves, and they most certainly don't want to look after their "dependents". The common belief by many is that it is the govt's job to look after each and every citizen, so therefore Team Members will all have to have a common trait of wanting to control and command others — "others" meaning the people who can't be bothered looking after themselves, which, by a stroke of luck, happens to be the majority.

To be a member of any A-team, you have to exhibit utter ruthlessness, and a commitment to do whatever it takes to work with your team to wrest control of the country from the irresponsible people who don't give a shit.

The people need someone who cares. Are you such a person? Then step forward and be of service to your country!

Anonymous said...

what the cat's color is doesnt matter as much becos the constraints of our country require a business like team like ours. if only we have the resources of australia or the arabs, our lives would have been different. the moment our resources are depleted, we will be as good as atlantis.

Anonymous said...

we dun have the luxury in following the western developed models wholesale, is my point.

Chua Chin Leng aka redbean said...

matilah is getting brilliant.

we have done many things right and some things wrong. what i kpkb about are the things that i don't think are right. making as much money from the people is one thing i disagree with.

Anonymous said...

Ofcourse you do not agree, Redbean, only because you are not the one making the loot.

Chua Chin Leng aka redbean said...

let's be serious. finding an A team is easy. finding the people that really want to improve the lot of the people is a different matter.

i also can claim that i want to serve the people. but when i see money, would i be blinded by money? pragmatism, selfish interest, greed etc are all very powerful forces of the dark side.

Anonymous said...

the statistics have proven that by and large, the lot of our people's lives have improved by leaps and bounds, even compared to the dragon economies. the spontaneous influx of talents and stayers across the region to our shores is a further proof of the vibrancy, potential and confidence vested in this country despite its geo setbacks such as scale and size. that this is a country of milk and honey run be a dream team is no longer an imagination or vision, but reality.

Chua Chin Leng aka redbean said...

yes, we have 45 good years. indisputable fact.

don't forget the moral of 7 good years and 7 lean years.

don't forget that merrill lynch, ubs etc are very well run companies. they were ran down by their supertalents after many good years.

Anonymous said...

these companies were very fortunate to be patronised by the supertalents, otherwise they wouldnt have survived so long.