'The naughty lion'

'The naughty lion' Many long years ago, there was a lonely lion in the island called Temasek. It was the only lion and had never seen another lion. One day, while frolicking in the water off Pasir Panjang beach, it saw a beautiful sea lion. To the lion, a sea lion was also a lion. And it was happy, and they were happy. A few months later a baby merlion was born. The paintings of this beautiful merlion is on exhibited at the new National Museum by our very own painter David Chan. He even christianed the merlion as Singa Merlionus. And so the story goes. And we have our naughty lion and merlion. Copahagen has a mermaid.


Anonymous said...

the name has already been change since Lee's regime.

Temasek to Leemasek
Singa Merlionus to Leega Merlionus.

What's a change and yet few knows it. haha

Chua Chin Leng aka redbean said...

no lah, don't anyhow say lah.

sometimes when we indulge in a little comics, it must sound nice and appropriate to provide a good punchline.

something like twinkle twinkle leetle star! sorry, spelling error.