hypocrisy of the howard govt

Come come, Howard, Please get off your high horse and join the community of free trades. You can't be protecting Qantas by accusing Singapore of protecting SIA. You or Qantas has been given special privileges, more than SIA, through out generosity and stupidity to trust that you will reciprocate a magnanimous gesture with another. Now you are showing your horns by saying that 'One of the reasons we are sceptical of Singapore Airlines is that it has a level of protection from the Singapore Govt which far exceeds the level of protection that Qantas enjoys, and it is very important that we do not needlessly bargain away the interests that our national carrier has.' Just tell the world what SIA enjoys or is being protected by the Singapore Govt and stop making sweeping remarks that you know you can't justify or is untrue. The truth is that Qantas is over protected by the Australian Govt. The Singapore Govt shall henceforth drag its feet in facilitating or pushing for ASEAN's inclusion and acceptance of Australia.


Anonymous said...

shouldn't get too angry. Isn't the PAP share the same hypocrisy ?? In fact, there is some truth in it. There is always conflict of interest with thing dealing with gov, and gov doing business. Don't u think so ???

Chua Chin Leng aka redbean said...

hmmm, hard to dispute what you said. it is easier to shoot at the australian hypocrisy right?