Western high and mighty justice and ethics

The Professor Simon Shorvon case is another glaring example of what Western justice and high ethics are all about. They decide their own rights and justice. Small and weak countries have no rights to their justice and ethics. Simon Shorvon's unethical and unprofessional practices in Singapore, ie, 'recruiting patients and altering their medications without their informed consent or the knowledge of their neurologists' were serious ethical and professional breaches. Singapore Medical Council(SMC) sacked him only to find him appointed in the prestigious University of London College and National Hospital for Neurology and Neurosurgery, London. Such serious violations of professional and ethical conducts in an important field of medical sciences cannot be allowed in any civilised world. It can only be practised in third world countries on third world patients by first world eminent professors. The third world people, govt and patients have no right to a little decency. That is what the case is all about. And the SMC has a duty and responsibility to see such disgraceful acts be made known to prevent further repeats of the violations. However, the British General Medical Council(GMC) had turned down SMC's request for a public inquiry on technical grounds. And they conveniently ruled that SMC was only an informant and not complainant and thus 'the GMC owed no duty of subservience ot the SMC' to inform the SMC of its decision. The issue here, to the British, is a case of subservience to a small country. For its pride as a big country, it refused to hear a complaint from a small country to be seen as subservient. It brushed aside the more important issues of professional breaches of conduct and ethics. This is the kind of Western justice that the rest of the world had lived with for centuries. But for a declining power, a small power like Britain today, they can no longer rule away their hypocrisy. And should Singapore and the rest of the world send their students to the University of London when such misconduct lives among their eminent academic community? And this also applies to the University of Birmingham.


Anonymous said...

just goes to show how other countries view our mickey mouse courts. once your courts compromise on political pressures, all other rulings become suspect due to flawed judicial interpretation.

Anonymous said...

Results were kelong. The GMC expert, Williams, happens to be chairing a similar parkinsons disease research project in Birmingham University (see http://www.pdmed.bham.ac.uk/trial/Clinicians/PD%20MED%20Protocol%20Version%206.1%20Final%20copy.pdf). But does he go about "recruiting patients and altering their medications without their informed consent or the knowledge of their neurologists" ? Nah.

Maybe someone should go file a complaint against Williams to the GMC.

Anonymous said...

well, its just another sign that noblesse oblige is wearing in esteemed UK.

Anonymous said...

I'm sorry, but you're wrong.
there is more to this story than you know.
in fact, that he is being 'pursued' by the SMC should be one of your myths.
The real reason why he was run out of the country was because of a certain princess and not because of his work.

Chua Chin Leng aka redbean said...

there are several issues here that might cloud natural justice and the due process of law. but putting aside all these, what smc is asking for is a public hearing and the facts will be out for all to see and let the world judge.

but even this is denied, given more credence to something being covered up. what i don't like is the excuse of subservience, a colonial attitude that cannot be missed.

Chua Chin Leng aka redbean said...

hi musing,

greetings and welcome to the blog.

i have been engaging in such conversion with a western forumer in my forum under world affairs. and i try repeatedly to defuse all the misinformation and western arrogance in publishing what they think is fit for asian consumption. quite patronising and insulting actually to think that asians really cannot think and need to be fed on a western diet of western perspective news.