we need another brilliant sequel to 2% gst

I have sort of been praising the impending 2% rise in GST as one of the most brilliant ideas that can come from our supertalents. And I really hope that they can pull it through and benefit all the poor buggers who are struggling for an existence, the 30% right at the bottom and the 40% sandwiched in between. Just hope that the tax raised out of these 2% are not redirected somewhere else under whatever guise. It is for the people, to help the people, to reduce the income gap. It is not to build more infrastructure that cannot fill the stomach or pay for school fees and transport, not for the pay rise of the already very comfortable. But this part is hard to prove as budget not spend in one area, or save, will mean that it can be used in another area. The ingenuity of this move is that it defies all conventional wisdom. It is like saying gravity will throw an apple upwards. Nonetheless it is a great idea, a great hope. And that is why they deserve top dollars for exactly things like this. Now I am looking for a sequel, another ingenious idea like paying all Singaporeans, including the low level workers, high salaries and still be competitive and productive. I would like to hear a new directive or plan saying that Singapore is moving away from low wages and need not fear competition from India and China. Or something like we can pay our workers the highest salaries in the world and still attract all the MNCs to set up operations here. Now that will be something that can match this 2% GST to help the people and make them better off.

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