A Singapore phenomenon

A Singapore phenomenon Many oldies or not so oldies are being retired from the job market. And these oldies are all desperate as they did not have much savings, a growing family and bigger financial responsibilities. The more these oldies needed money and jobs, the more money and jobs fled from them. On the other hand there are many oldies who have fortunes the size of a mountain and could have retired happily and graciously to live out a wonderful life. They could find more meaning in life and exploring life without a care. But they choose to work and continue to earn millions which they don't really need. Perhaps they really love to work, to contribute, to serve society and people. Or they did not know how to enjoy life, or working is their way of enjoying life. Definitely they cannot be greedy for the money. It is something they have too much of. And though they may not be in the same category as Warren Buffett or Khoo Teck Puat who have to give away their excess money, they surely have no need to 'pah si buay chow' to hang on to their jobs just for another million more.

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