the singapore wonderland

Wow, Genting finally got the bid for Sentosa. It is a great achievement to win such a project among big time international competitors. They were all serious and wanted to bag this project for their companies. And it was really a tough call to pick out the best proposal. The iconic glass structure of Kertzner is really very impressive. And the effort to bring in all the big names to tie up with the equally innovative themes of 8th Wonders would make everyone salivate. Genting won the bid through a tested formula and the great themes of Universal for an all rounded family entertainment. Singapore should thank all the bidders for their faith and belief that Singapore is worthy of such a huge investment and their confidence in us. No doubt Kertzner and 8th Wonder would be feeling down but it was a close call and there can only be one winner. The transparency of the award and the methodology applied spoke well of Singapore especially when not a single Singapore company was among the winners. And and the high profile generated by the two IRs could spark more big players coming to our shores. It is a great transformation for us from a trading post to a land of fun and entertainment hub. And 30,000 jobs from Genting alone plus the Sands at Marina will do us well and see us through for the next 10 years.

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