myth 106

The Engaging Myth Engaging the Netizens has been brooded for a while. Did we see any real engagement? Would those little boys that slammed and taunted other bloggers and forumers be a party to a concerted effort to engage netizens? If that is the kind of engagement, then it is very disgraceful. It is disgraceful on the part of those boys who are aspiring elite and future leaders to stoop so low to attack other bloggers/forumers and called that as engagement. I said if. These attackers could be paid by unfriendly sources to impersonate as supporters of a party and creat havoc in cyberspace to give a bad impression of the party they appeared to be supporting. We don't really know who they were. But whoever they were, it also reflected very badly on the people who authorised them to behave that way. It shows a sick and immature mind behind the act. Engaging the netizens is to share and exchange ideas. There are many good and serious netizens and bloggers who are ready to discuss or chat seriously. But where are the serious engagers? Or are they afraid? There is no need to be afraid of the abusive types. Those are easily identified as ill bred and will not be taken seriously. Their bards only discredit themselves. Yes there is the danger of exposing the truth or the real values or real person behind the saint that is walking around. Everyone who articulates often will eventually reveal his true feelings and values, his true self. Sometimes the fangs will flash momentarily. Sometimes the horns will protrude only to recede quickly when noticed. But that is a price to be paid to really engage netizens. It is better to have the truth or true self out earlier than later. Lets see some real engagement in the new year.


Mockingbird said...

In military or police operations, the rules of engagement (ROE) determine when, where and how force shall be used. Such rules are both general and specific, and there have been large variations between cultures throughout history. The rules may be made public, as in a martial law or curfew situation, but are typically only fully known to the force that intends to use them.

Chua Chin Leng aka redbean said...

hi mickell,

don't think the police are here. it is the thugs who think that they are doing good for the country by terrorising people, and thinking that they are above the law that are frightening.

power or law, when abused, or in the hands of immature kids, like the cultural revolutions in china, can be very dangerous and destructive.

these immature kids can be as young as 50 or 60 years. for their immaturity is in the mind, not biological.