My New Year Wish

How I wish that greed is non existence in the life of the super rich. Not that greed is a bad thing. Not that greed can be wished away. The poor and greedy must be poor and greedy all the time. They are poor and so must be greedy. And they must be greedy to give them a kick to want to work to have more. But for the employees in huge corporations, I mean employees, people earning a living being employed, not the real owners of wealth, I wish that greed is not in their minds. For as long as greed is there, they can never be satisfied even if they are paid US$40 million as bonuses. They will only ask for more. And as the money are public money or money belonging to minority shareholders who did not have a real say, these greedy mercenaries will just keep piling up from money they don't own, other people's money. But if greed is no longer in their mind, when they know enough is enough, when they know that what they are taking is obscene, then they may spend their time working for their shareholders' interests, for the interests of the public and people of the world. And they will not be spending time on how to scheme another chunk for themselves. Many such high level executives are wasting too much of their precious time devicing ways or finding ridiculous formula to justify more pay for themselves when they already have enough money they did not know what to do. Hopefully greed can be removed from their thoughts and they can become more charitable.


Anonymous said...

Hi Redbean

If that is your New Year wish then you might as well wish for the moon. In Singapore where money is GOD you will never have your wish come true. The poor in this country will always be poor and the rich will get much much richer. Not that the poor Singaporeans will ever starve, they will get by, only just. However, the gap between the rich and the poor will get wider and lets hope things remain stable forever, and that is my New Year wish!!

Chua Chin Leng aka redbean said...

hi anonymous,

heard of wishing and hoping? i hung a lot of christmas stockings but they always turned up empty.

we always wish that something good will come out of something, a better tomorrow, or a better govt during the election hustle: )

Anonymous said...

The only way for you to get a better govt would be to have all Singaporeans vote without fear or intimidation or bribe.

Chua Chin Leng aka redbean said...

singaporeans can be bought over by a bowl of mushroom soup or seafood porridge if you try.