are singaporeans believers of blind faith?

Singaporeans are great believers. They will believe in anything especially things that were spoken in a sermon from the greatest church. I am just kidding. Not many people believe anymore. Even the preachers or the converts don't believe too. They just move along and take a ride. And the majority of the plebeians just could not do anything but to resign to their fate. Could anyone believe that a family income of $2000 is barely enough to live and get by? On the other hand a maid could send their $300 income home and be fairly rich when she completes her 5 year stay in this paradise? It was just 30 odd years ago when a fresh graduate with a 4 figure salary was very comfortable, and middle class. I mean only $1000. And a minister with $5000 monthly income is rich and could afford to buy detached houses. Today, a fresh graduate earning $2000 or $2500, is not even over the hump. He could not even afford to buy a second hand car to impress his girlfriend. How much is a minister getting? $50,000 or $100,000? And they are going to give the young graduate a perk in the coming pay rise exercise of $300 or $500 while the millionaires are going to be getting a $50,000 or $100,000 increase a month! And the excuse is that it be cannot helped if the income gap keeps widening. And the poor millionaires need to get their just increase or they will not work or be poached by MNCs with bigger pays. And yes, Singaporeans will 'believe' or will just live with all these craps.

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