Myth 109

'What is God up to?' I spoke to God. I asked him why all the sufferings, the floods, the earthquakes etc? Why didn't he make a better world of happy and rich people? God said, 'If everyone is rich and happy, they will forsake me. They would not come to me. So I must make them suffer, make them feel the pain, then they will come to me for help. And I can be there saving them, giving them a little alms. And they will all be so grateful. I am the all compassionate and caring God. Psst, don't tell them that it was I who caused them all the sufferings and deprivation. Look at my palace, I have everything in abundance. But that's for me, and a little for them to make them come begging again and again. I am so great.'


Anonymous said...

because the ruler and leaders of countries are getting corrupted and greedy, worship the money which as good as worship the golden bull in moses's time. These in turn make the ppl become corrupted as well, and ppl suffered.

Anonymous said...

Ya la Redbean, I am sure this God of your dresses in white??

Chua Chin Leng aka redbean said...

god always dress in white or blinding light.

happy new year guys and gals.

Anonymous said...

Yes, our god which we worshipped and appear to us in full glory in every election and dressed in white and look like god's head figure (or cock-head figure) has been "protecting us and helping us" for 40++ years. Our god manifested itself whenever money is not enough for them and then established policy to take money from the public to make these god look professional, high-class, elite and well-deserved. Our god is the world most expensive god in the world, and worship economic, productivity and money.

Such is our god in Singapore. Now our god think GST 7% is good thing for the ppl because ppl has no choice. I believe our god will beat Bill Gate in rich and wealth in no time when GST reach 50%. Such is our god of competitiveness, selfishness, coldness and pretentious.

I hope one day the real god will these fake god of white.

Anonymous said...

Amended Last line should read:
I hope one day the real god will punished these fake god of white.

Chua Chin Leng aka redbean said...

hi anonymous,

everyone worship their own gods. yours is a figurative god of the land. we should not mix up the celestial gods and the figurative gods.

actually the version of god/gods all dressed in white is a western interpretation. the asian version of gods are all very colourful.