why fame arts school chooses singapore?

Why did renowned New York arts school, Tisch, chose Singapore against Japan, Korea and India? Simple, we have our comparative advantage. 1. Strong Govt vision to make Singapore a global school house 2. Impressive infrstructure and advanced technology 3. Multi ethnic makeup of the people 4. Strategic location 5. Extensive use of English And we have many other advantages other than these. And I can easily add in another 20 or 30 advantageous. There is no need to go down on our knees. We have values and these can be converted to price.


Anonymous said...

let be frank, the reason that art school chooses Singapore is not Singapore is an Art country. Far from it, it is because PAP give Art school lot of subsidy and benefits to them to attract them at cost of infavourable culture here that is not conducive for art. PAP buy votes during election. Now PAP buy votes using public money from Art School.

If u have no culture and env, policy not supportive, why spend so much money buying votes for other countries ????

Anonymous said...

It is weird in Singapore.
PAP's mentality.
If u have no competencies, buy from other country.
If u have skill, buy from other country.
If u have no babies, get from other country FT.

I don't know whether PAP act blur or stupid or simply act ignorance.

If u have no culture here and policy and life doesn't support it. No amount of wayang will help. Only wasted money.

They say that want ARt, then the cost of living here doesn't support art, and gov stress productivity, creativity and innovation, but then condition here is not suitable for it.

Redbean, tell me how wayangness can that be ???

Chua Chin Leng aka redbean said...

hi all,

i am not sure of the money factor in this issue. so i can't speculate on that. but i will agree that art is fart without the f. it is something nice to have and very important for those who have a lot of money and do not know how to spend them, and with a lot of time to kill.

art comes in very handy to kill time of emptiness, to kill boredom. to really appreciate art, one needs to invest in time and money to be educated. for instance music. to be really able to understand music as music, one must have the dole to attend music school.

i listen to a lot of music without going to music school and thus do not know the music i listen to. all i listen to is sound, pleasant sound, and that's about it.

for the bulk of the citizenship, they either don't have the time or don't have the money to appreciate art.

what i cannot agree to is to subsidise art for the rich. if they are rich and want to appreciate art and be arty farty, then they should pay for it.