Myth 108

Globalisation and Free Trade Temasek A fundamental question Can this state entity simply walk into a foreign country and buy its major assets – as an ordinary MNC? Letters Dec 28, 2006 In the wake of its troubles in Thailand and Indonesia, reader Aloysius Tan writes about the growing sensitivities facing Temasek’s ambition to control or invest in crucial foreign companies. The following is his letter to us and cc to reach@reach.gov.sg. The above question was copied from littlespeck.com My answer is a simple yes. For Singapore is a free country. We are totally free and we allowed everyone to come in and buy up whatever they like. And since we open ourselves up for others to buy, than logically others must allow us to buy into them. This is the same logic as Singaporeans who called themselves international citizens. Singapore is an international city state. We welcome everyone, especially foreign talents. So others must also welcome us with open arms. We called ourselves international citizens and the world must accept us as international citizens. We set the rules and the world must listen. It is like letting the world to screw us and we expect others to be screwed by us. Unfortunately, the world have their own rules. And they set their rules for us to obey. They will come and screw us. But they will not allow us to screw them.


Anonymous said...

Temasek seek to control other countries strategic asset while it is impossible for foreign control of local asset like Singtel. All this free market talk is simply BS.

Chua Chin Leng aka redbean said...

i look at it another way. we don't mind others coming in and buy us up cause we are just a dot. but it will be great if we can buy up the world in exchange.

but there is a little problem. when people buy us up, it is so easy, and there is nothing left.

it is like a little monkey trying to screw an elephant. it won't hurt the elephant. but if it is the other way, my god.

nice to think of screwing an elephant. but have we consider what it would be like if it is the other way round?

Anonymous said...

Our emperor is trying expand his empire by capturing strategic asset of other country if not the whole country. And after doing this, the emperor will name every street and asset under his name and label.

Redbean, isn't our GCT say that we should name street after great man (or great ass), so it is pretty obvious what will be name of new company.

Chua Chin Leng aka redbean said...

i support choktong's call to name streets or whatever after great men. it is our history to be remembered by the future generations.

then they will look back with admirations, at the great names and their achievements.