well done gerard ee

Gerard Ee and his team has done a good job at NKF. The cost of dialysis is coming down, the subsidies going up, the patients paying less. Imagine how much injustice to the poor patients if things were allowed to go on as before and the whole country being deceived that everything was done best for the benefits of the patients? And how many of them and their families will continue to suffer financial hardship while others are enjoying and having a great time at their expenses? And enjoying the glory of being idolised as the new age saviours of the sick, and honoured and feasted by the peers of supertalents. Well done Gerrard. But more can still be done.


Anonymous said...

Btw, what has become of the NKF saga?? What is happening to Durai? Has he been investigated or has the whole affair been swept under the carpet? Has it been the case of "enough, lets move on"?

Chua Chin Leng aka redbean said...

i think they can't find anything against him. he is innocent.

maybe he can ask for reinstatement to his ceo position in nkf and ask for compensation. i say maybe only hor.

Abao said...

His fault will be the running of a charity as a profit-driven organisation, if those stories of corruption is fake.

Anonymous said...

Come on, Redbean, it is pretty clear that charging Dulai is as good as charging gov since gov is themselves irresponsible to not closely monitor and trust blindly even when reputable org tell them so. It read like this:

I trust Ali wholeheartedly so ppl should not doubt him at all because I'm the gov who say so. Since Ali made NKF tons of money, and my wife is a patron there moreover. NKF is glory of gov.

When find out about dishonesty:
I mistrusted Ali because Ali is now dishonest. The problem is Ali, I the gov can only do so much. Ali is the cause of all problem not me because Ali deceived me.

Even a gov is irresponsible and move on, how will Dulai be responsible and not move on ??? Afterall Dulai is using the same tactics of gov to run business. U see, monkey see, monkey do.

Want to blame, blame the monkey that start it all.

Chua Chin Leng aka redbean said...

hi abao and anonymous,

profit making is one of the sacred pillars of our nation. and it is good for everyone if every organisation makes profit. doesn't matter if the profit is made from the people. we will give back to them if they badly need them.

as for durai, he is innocent until proven guilty. so far no dirt can stick on him. so he is still a respectable and honourable man. unless someone is clever enough to add glue to dirt and get it glued. as it is, he has done nothing wrong.

maybe we can try to get a foreign talent to do it.

Anonymous said...

as long as anyone is elite and gahmen, gov will not touch him and fault in case that person create a bad name in gov and also bad ruling. Especially, now the ppl here are fedup with gov's empty promises and money-making and money business.

Chua Chin Leng aka redbean said...

maybe there is hope in hsien loong changing all the old ethos.

if i were to have that kind of money, i don't have to work for money any more.

or maybe i will be more greedy and demand for more.

Anonymous said...

Quite likely you will ask for more. You to are a Singaporean, are you not?

Chua Chin Leng aka redbean said...

i think you are right. when one is having more, and unstoppable, when there is no restraint or compulsion to say i have enough, it is only human to want to have more and more.

i am only human.