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Hi Jackie, Couldn't trace your post, so I copied it here. Anyway welcome to the blog. I am not surprised with the way GMS and CTL write, the internet guidelines came into force for this reason.Any reasonable person can see they are not carrying themselves too well. A politician does not poke fun at their internet 'constituents' like what they did.Imagine Low Thia Kiang holding MPS and rebutting a resident who comes to see him instead of helping him.They want to join other forumites to let go as much shit as they feel like ignoring that it may have an impact on the party. Their resignations fit into the jigsaw puzzle nicely.Lastly, what makes you think a new party made up of progressive people turn out looking like a geek. Don't forget, the pro-PAP media is always ready to paint any white opposition party into black.For all you know, Low and Sylvia Lim are really very progressive people. Redbean: It is not easy for politicians to post in cyberspace. They will meet will bloggers who will flame them and force them to respond in the heat of the moment. And Singaporeans would not accept politicians to engage in gutter fight. It is tough for them.

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