recognise our leaders

The Straits Times reported that there is widespread support to recognise our leaders and well known Singaporeans who have contributed to the nation and the people. Not a bad idea. We can have Goh Keng Swee Industrial Park instead of Jurong Industrial Park. The Ong Teng Cheong MRT or Ong Teng Cheong Theatre at the Bay instead of the Durians. Jurong Island can become Philip Yeo Island. Who gave the go ahead for Changi Airport? LKY? If that's the case we can call it LKY International Airport. Marine Parade can be renamed Goh Chok Tong Parade, Lee Hsien Loong Marina Resort...just some examples of new names to honour the men behind the ideas or monuments.


Anonymous said...

Redbean, if you say make sense, then
"Shin Corp" should rename to
"Lee Corpse"

Chua Chin Leng aka redbean said...

this one got to ask choktong. it is his idea.

Anonymous said...

hmm... is the sentiment here supportive or non-supportive? be it supportive or non-supportive of this initiative, how come there are no reasons offered for that sentiment? such irresponsible remarks.