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Upgrading your citizenship

Singaporeans are feeling that the value of their citizenships has been violated. For the more sophisticated international citizens, they are constantly upgrading their citizenships to a better one. From a third world citizenship, the first stepping stone is to go for one that is easy and fast to get. This is the citizenship from paradise. The paradise citizenship is a passport to many better countries. A few years in paradise, plus working experience, and maybe upgrading the educational qualifications as well, these new citizens will be ready for their next upgrade, likely to Australia. And they will keep on upgrading, to UK and finally to US. This is the prized citizenship. Once they have attained this high level of citizenship, they can than ship around the world as the privilege citizens of the world’s superpower. They will call themselves Americans and may revisit their roots, their country of origins, as the successful entrepreneurs coming home. Or they may return to paradise as PRs while keeping their American citizenship for protection.


Anonymous said...

ehh.. i am so sorry

redbean said...

uh...sorry for what?

those who are talented should take advantage of the system. opportunities are meant for those who are able to exploit them.

Anonymous said...

USA is no longer the land of milk and honey. Their currency is fast turning into toilet paper. Soon, they will reach the status of Zimbabwe. The 21st century belongs to the Asian region, and Singapore, being in the heart of the region, is well-poised to ride the Asian wave.

Anonymous said...

Dear redbean;

I bet many will be heading for Shenzou(China) and surprise, surprise, many China Nationals will come here.


Anonymous said...

dont worry our local girls will marry them and they will inherit for free our country... all they need do is to look good.. just like ponzi scheme ... look good... our girls will invest.. invest in them. Temasek was sold too..

redbean said...

our talents are in demand overseas but can't find a decent comparable job here.

as for going gaga with foreign talents, even private first class in the US uniformed are being idolised by our female graduates. they really look handsome and good.

Anonymous said...

One comment which made me laugh was this so called de-coupling effect and the supposedly golden period for Singapore because of our Asia.

It seems to me that some people still have great faith in this senseless theory.

Well.154th is doing a great job,sorry about that

redbean said...

our number one idol is going into the dumps of history. need to find a new idol.