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No need foreign talent!

Then we have Mardan Mamat. Now we have Lam Chih Beng. Chih Beng won the Volvo Masters in Bangkok. These are our local talent heroes. Shall we continue to spend millions on foreign talents or use the same money to groom our own local talents?


Anonymous said...

The Lions did not roar very loudly last night at the National Stadium. In fact they went out with their tails between their legs. I would have thought that with so much money invested in foreign talents in the squard the Singapore Lions would have done better. The Vietnamese, all from their local pool came out the better team, no need to spend money buying foreign talents. Maybe we should try and buy Beckham, Rooney and Ronaldo. We have plenty of money so we should be able to afford them, right?

redbean said...

if we want to win, must go for it. even the world cup is withing our reach. we have $200b to play with.

all we need is someone to think like idi amin and spend the money for the glory. $1b should do the trick.

Anonymous said...

I suggest we take out S$1bn from reserve and also issue 3 Singaporean passports for Beckham, Rooney and Ronaldo. Then we might just win the next world cup.

Good idea?

redbean said...

agree. with 1 bn, should be able to form a team. then all the singapore born players can be reserves.

Anonymous said...

Maybe we should go a step further, buy Manchester United, Arsenal, Liverpool and Chelsea. Then because we own these teams we can insist they play all their home games here in Singapore. Just imagine the tourist numbers and the hotel occupancy we can acheive. Singapore will then be the envy of the whole world. All the young population of the world will want to come and stay here and become Singaporeans. We can then acheive our 7 million population target.

Indeed a paradise. Kill many birds with a single stone.

Anonymous said...

Don't pray pray hoh. We are going to the world cup in 2010, erh - in our dreams I mean.

redbean said...

ya, someone forgets that 2010 in only 2 years time and we have not made any purchases yet. the current A Team can't even beat Vietnam, so definitely no go.

Anonymous said...

Hi redbean;

2010 is only one year from now add a few days more lah.

You all joker, we are facing survival challenges and You talk about football. At least meatballs are edible, good for the stomach.

Seriously, with the state money, we can buy lots and lots of things and glories. But that's state money which You and I have no share.

So, if they buy, every glory and credit will still go to them.


Anonymous said...

I support... the freedom to express indiviudal, non-official views!

Francis Chua, Singapore

Anonymous said...

for short term, use ft, abuse them and spit out... hell with pc

redbean said...

you mean like the victorious table tennis team when people were all claiming glories?

what is glory that is bought while our own children were neglected? i rather our football team or any team be from our own children, giving them a chance to play even if they lose.