The precedence of WMD as reason for search and destroy

A very dangerous precedent was set by the Americans when George Bush and Tony Blair invaded Iraq in search of WMD. Any country that is threatened by another country in possession can use the same precedent to invade and destroy the WND in their possession. China and the Koreans can declare that Japan must not be allowed to possess WMD and if it does so, they could invoke this precedent to search and destroy the WMD in Japan.

The Chinese have been invaded by Japan and could quote this historical incident to put their feet down. No WMD for Japan and would invade if needed. It is their national interest and security at stake and they cannot afford to have a Japan with WMD in their possession.

In the case of the Koreans, they too had the bad experience of Japanese invasion and colonization. A Japan with WMD would threaten their national security once again. And to make matter worse and a clear and present danger, Japan is now in discussion to rearm with offensive weapons and thinking to attacking North Korea. This should give the North Koreans a good reason to attack Japan should it acquire offensive weapons and WMD.

Both China and the Koreans and even the Russians should make their stand clear that a Japan with WMD and offensive weaponry is a danger and threat to their national security and would not allow it. They should make a stand together that they would invade Japan should it take the offensive road for war.

These countries cannot let the Americans set the agenda.They cannot let theh Americans to rearm Japan with WMD.

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Anonymous said...

american rules for america only. china, korea cannot use american rules. invasion of iraq was not supported by un resolution and hence was illegal. un rules also bo pakai. only american rules can use and only by america and friends because americunts rule the world.

Anonymous said...

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Anonymous said...

China and Korea may say that Japan must not be allowed to possess WMD, but sure as hell the weasel Abe will slowly wriggle his way to convince the Americans and their poodles that Japan need to acquire offensive weapons and WMD.

It is even possible that Japan may already have the means to make the nuclear bomb on short notice. There is some suspicion that they are refusing foreign aid over the fukushima disaster precisely because they are conducting such experiment inside fukushima nuclear power station, and are afraid to let the cat out of the bag by allowing foreigners into the site.

In any case, the most obvious but consistently denied reason is that the Americans are using China's less friendly neighbours to help them counter the influence of the Chinese.

The US is the most untrustworthy country in the world, plotting subterfuge between countries and changing sides just to make sure there is little peace. War is their biggest economic gain due to their dominant weapons export business. There is no way for them to embrace peace. Nistory is full of their involvement in major wars in Korea, Vietnam and Middle East to name a few.

Anonymous said...

The Japanese already possessed nuclear weapons. Americans knew and so did the Chinese and Koreans. It is the same deceit as Israel.

And they think because they have the WMD they could take on China. They cannot believe that China could lose half of the country and half the population but there will be no Japan left, the whole Japanese islands will be uninhabitable for centuries to come.

b said...

We all share the same planet. No point fighting. Make peace not war. Peace means progress.

Anonymous said...

Omfg... americunt n her dogs announced the invasion of Syria

Will papigs join in the coalition of willing?

Anonymous said...

No need UN Resolution?

Chua Chin Leng aka redbean said...

Thank God it is the Americans and the Arabs attacking Syria and IS. Luckily no non Arab country is stupid enough to get dragged into this new war.

Anonymous said...

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