Scotland’s referendum – what does it mean?

The Scots are going for a referendum to decide to stay or to get out of the United Kingdom. It is a decision for a people, to want to be on their own to decide their own future or to let the Englishmen to decide their future. It is about breaking away to chart a new destiny by a people for a people.

We had a referendum to decide our future as a people in 1963, to give up our independence, to be part of Malaysia, to allow leave our destiny in the hands of the Malayans, to be part of another country. Given the frail nature of a small island with little natural resources, there was fear that we could not survive on our own. Conventional wisdom was to hook ourselves to a bigger land mass, a bigger country with a bigger critical mass and population.

We voted to be part of Malaysian, to surrender our rights to determine our future to another people. On hindsight it was so risky, treacherous and dangerous. So many things could go wrong and we could be forever under the domination and oppression of another people. We were lucky to get out of the arrangement to be our own master. It was also lucky that we did not a referendum to get out like the Scots. We would not be able to get out if a referendum was needed then unless the referendum was to be decided by the original Singaporeans and not by other people.

Today we have this policy of increasing our population by bringing in foreigners, sanctioned by a PWP in Parliament. What does this paper ultimately mean to the original Singaporeans? It is another merger of people, a merger with other people, to own this island. When the foreigners are small in numbers, we are assimilating and integrating them into us. If it is the other way round, we will end up assimilating and integrating with the foreigners. It is like merging to become part of Malaysia. In this case the original Singaporeans, if it becomes a minority, will be merging with a bigger foreign population, to be part of them.
We are going to bring in so many foreigners to decide our future, our destiny. Get it? This is another major change to our country and identity. But most important of all, we are going to hand our future to other people to decide for us, to decide our future, the future of our children. Think about this carefully. What is the difference between what we are doing with this PWP and being a part of Malaysia? Why are the Scots going to a referendum to want out of UK, to reclaim their country and their sovereignty and the right to determine their destiny?

Does the PWP that is going to change our life, our country and our destiny, deserve or warrant a referendum? This is no joking matter. This is no masak masak, child play. The implications and consequences are very serious and can be very adverse to our life and our future. Such a big change cannot be decided by a handful of people surely.

So far the good things about a high influx of foreigners were simply about economic growth. What about the other side of the coin? What is the price the people of this island are going to pay to give half of the island’s to foreigners? The foreigner’s share could be bigger if the number is bigger? No country in history ever did such a thing willingly without force. What are the negative and adverse effects of this change? What if the foreigners are not as generous and kind as us and want the island to themselves when they are in majority and ruling the island?
What do you thing?

Do we need a referendum? Do we want to surrender our country and our future to foreigners on a silver platter?

Kopi Level - Green


Anonymous said...

Can Hougang-Aljunied hold a referendum for independence from PAP's Singapore.

Is GE 2016 a referendum for independence from PAP.

Anonymous said...

It's meaningless to daft

Papigs orelee trained daft to response to mass media stimuli like papigs is bestest, like I telling all daft here.

Some more, articles like tio beh pio, dunplay play with your votes, cpf is bastard hands r safe, repossessing hdb is upgrading for daft interests not profitering by garment.

Old fart kuan yew is god etc

Leemember, vote 4 papigs

Anonymous said...

of course we can even easily
house 12M people on this very
small city state.....

just flood the whole island with
tall buildings.....

but is that the type of crowded
and social-ill life we want and
for our children.....

think about it.....


Anonymous said...

Latest news: 2 regions voted no.

30 more to go.

Total: 32

What would be the outcome?

What do YEW think?

There are implications either way.

But if it comes down to a no vote, one of the arguments is the difficulty of small states to go alone economically and politically in the modern international nation states system.

If Scotland is deemed small and not viable on its own if the vote is no, what does it mean for the future of an ultra-micro state like SINKIELAND?

Anonymous said...

You daft Sinkies still can't understand what RB is talking about. Put it simple. 2m true blue Sinkies and 4m new citizens.

It would be like we become a minority to the new citizens. We join them and become part of them. No difference from joining Malaysia.

Anonymous said...

I hope Scotland breaks away.

Isn't the US and the West so fond of asking and supporting countries to break up? Oh yeah, when it comes to Tibet, Ukraine (formerly part of USSR together with the other former Soviet satellite states) going to do or did the same thing, it is a good sign. Why is Scotland breaking away deemed a bad sign for the UK?

Let them have a taste of their own medicine! Let us support the US breaking up!

Anonymous said...

Results so far: 7

Up to this point, it is 6 No, 1 Yes.

25 more areas to go.

The 1 Yes area so far is Dundee.

Even if it is a No vote this round, it is thought the Pandora box had been opened and the genie is let out of the box just like the ISIS in middle East.

The issue is unlikely to go away.

The Yes camp would have more time and preparation to present a better package to their voters next round.

SINKIELAND may have to go to the polling booth before end of the year if words from some quarters are true that a "lightning" early GE might be announced.

Better stock up more kopi ........

YEW may need them for all the news coming at YEW?

Anonymous said...

Further updates: 9 results so far

7 No 2 Yes

The 2nd area to vote yes beside Dundee is West Dunbartonshire.

23 more results to go.

Picture might gets clearer once 20 results are announced?

Chua Chin Leng aka redbean said...

Thanks for the running commentary. You have been assigned to do the same in the next GE.

Keep up the good work.

Anonymous said...

@ Chua Chin Leng aka redbean September 19, 2014 11:54 am

//Thanks for the running commentary. You have been assigned to do the same in the next GE.

Keep up the good work.//

Ha ha ha ha ha

Depends on the time of GE ..........

But most likely can do pre election ward analysis once new "gerrymandering", oops, electoral boundary is announced based on local issues.

Hope that will spice up and make oldies time more filled up with "interesting" snippets.

The first analysis is electoral wards would likely be increased from 87 to at least 90.

Anonymous said...

Typo @ 12.07 pm

Oops last paragraph "GIANT" typo error .....

Should be "electoral SEATS" not wards.

Sinkieland is called UNIQUELY not for NOTHING?

Technically can have 90 seats but 1 GIANT GRC electoral ward right? If they amend the constitution. They have the numbers. Teochew Ah Hia's team all vote with 2 hands + 2 legs still cannot out vote them, tio bo?

Imagine that?

Even current oppo x 4 still mathematically < 1/3 ?

Anonymous said...

Latest results: 26 areas announced

54% No 46% Yes

So likely a No!

Anonymous said...

Singapore is expanding geographically. They may need 100 seats. And if we expand vertically, up and down, they may need 200 seats to govern this island. It is so difficult you know, with supertalents, still got problems.

Anonymous said...

Wah liao

Angmoh kia machiam daft stinkaponang

So u see... papigs is the bestest, angmoh education system bestest.. sama heritage

Old macdonald had a farm, eyiah eyiah oh....

Huat ah under papigs

Anonymous said...

29 results out of 32 districts announced:

No Independent Vote: 25 districts (55%)

Yes Independent Vote: 4 districts (45%)

UK PM David Cameron promised many changes and reforms if the Scots voted status quo.

Now it's the toughest part.

How to deliver?

Ⓜatilah $ingapura⚠️ said...

Referendum only lah. Opinion, not action.

When...IF...they finally secede, then the rubber meets the road.

Singapore is the only cuntree in modern history to be forcibly seceded from a federation of states, 49 years ago....and things turned out fine...for Singapore. Malaysia also not so bad, but way behind Singapore.

So Scottish people, if you want some "advice" on how to prosper as a new independent nation, please consult the PAP of Singapore to get some "hot tips".

Anonymous said...

Deliver the Scots to Iraq can?

Anonymous said...

Rb // Scotland’s referendum – what does it mean?//

Latest 30 out of 32 districts votes announced.

55% No Independence against 45% Yes Independence.

Though 2 more districts to go, the half way line has been crossed by the "NO" camp, so doesn't matter already.

If the size of Scotland which is slightly more than 100 times larger than SINKIELAND and population slightly lesser than SINKIELAND and economy about two-third of SINKIELAND is deemed by its voters to be not viable to be independent politically and economically, what does THIS IMPLY FOR SINKIELAND?

Are sinkies trapped between a rock and a hard place?

Too small a size MEANS economically not viable.

Too big MEANS native sinkies become the minorities.

How to sell this conundrum to sinkies and PG oldies?

Maybe need up ministars salaries again?

Tail they win head sinkies lose?

The Chinese call it: " 进退两难 "

Sinkies really cham?

Pai mia?

Anonymous said...

Our PWP is to bring in more guests to be serfs for the Lanfang Kingdom to serve the First Familee, the children of the Father of Singapore.

The daft Sinkies are allowing this to happen and when they wake up, they will find that they have been transformed from citizens of Sinkieland to subjects of the god King of Lanfang. Majulah Lanfang!

b said...

Friedrich Nietzsche quotation: "That which does not kill us makes us stronger." Adversity can change a man, a family and a country.

b said...

I think having some foreigners is good. If they ill behaved, can always kick them out and confiscate their cpf. Sinkies cannot.

Virgo 49 said...

So the DAFT Scots prefer to be under the Red Coats like the DAFT 60.1% sinkies still prefer to be under the PAP.