Britain – a ‘has been’ power trying to cause mischief

Like the few Pinoy boys wanting to set off bombs in Manila in protest against the Filipino govt for being soft towards China, some British parliamentarians led by a Richard Ottaway is conducting a parliamentary inquiry on China’s handling of Hongkong affairs. The British parliamentarians are accusing China of not abiding by the terms of the handover agreement for a one country, two system model.

The Chinese govt is furious and accusing the British of interfering in China’s domestic affairs. China is still found sorely wanting to think that the British or the Americans and Europeans would play fair and leave China alone. These ex colonialists would always think that they have the right to mess around with Afro Asian countries, and it is also to their benefits to put pressure on their ex colonies. China was fragmented then and certain parts of the country were colonized and seized by the colonial powers.

The hue and cry by China is like a small boy trying to cry out loud to the bully. It reveals the lack of sophistications of the Chinese govt on how to deal with the subversive activities of the recalcitrant ex colonial powers, or ‘has been’ powers like the UK.

There are just too many things that China could do to hit back at Britain. The British and the Americans have been committing acts of war and crimes against humanity all over the world, then and now. For a start, China should rally the African and Arab countries to conduct an inquiry on the crimes and genocide against the Iraqi people led by George Bush and Tony Blair. Get all the evidence and send them to a former trial for war crimes against the Arab people.

If China is new to this game and did not know how to go about it, China can engage the assistance of Mahathir on this. With China taking the lead, Mahathir and the Arab countries would have a bigger clout to put the criminals to justice. If the European dominated international courts would not handle the case, China can set up an alternative international court in Shanghai or Hongkong to hear the charges. China should set up an agency dedicated to pursue the wrong doings of the ex colonialists on their crimes in the past, particularly in Shanghai and Hongkong. Charge all the corrupt governors and top officials for the crimes they have committed in China against the Chinese people. China must take the initiative instead of always being on the receiving end warding off attacks by the west.

On the international scene, it could conduct inquiries on all the crimes committed by the US and UK and the European powers in Africa and the Middle East and also in India, the biggest colony that was fully colonized for several centuries. There were many genocide against the Indians in India that need to be revived to give justice to India and the Indian people. And there were a lot of treasures robbed and looted by the colonial powers then in both India and China and the rest of the world.

China’s leadership in this area is a job cut out for them. The rest of the world that have been continuously bullied and harassed by the western powers need an alternative power to give them honour, justice and dignity. The bashing of the rest of the world by the western powers must be stopped and put on trial.
China should not bother with the inquiry by a ‘has been’ power led by a Ottaway. There are many and bigger jobs to be done for the rest of the world, victims of western powers. The world is in need of a new leadership.

Kopi Level - Blue. Thank you.


Anonymous said...

A poodle must do what it's master command.

The EU poodles, most of whom are already in economic ICU, have been forced to confront Russia with sanctions. Some are unwilling, but have to tow the line. Some are begging for help themselves and are collapsing. When winter comes and Russian gas does not flow, then we shall see the real hardship hitting the EU.

Russia and China are too big to be conquered, too widespread to be governed even if conquered, and strong enough to confront the US and its poodles.

What the US wants is getting the poodles to do the dirty work of antagonising Russia and China, while they wait by the side, ready to ramp up their weapons industry a notch further to provide the much need jobs for their jobless, restless citizens.

Anonymous said...

China and India should jointly set up a separate international court to file charges against the Europeans or white men both now and posthumously on their wanton acts of terrorism, murder, killings and genocide both now and in the past few hundred years in Asia, Africa and the North and South Americas. White men led by Britain and France had wantonly and brutally killed, murdered and genocided over Eighty-Five million native American Indians in Norfth America while the Spaniards and Portuguese had just as cruel killed and genocided over one hundred million natives in Central and South America.

In Asia India was fully colonised by the British after defeating the French in their tussle for full control of India. Three to four million square miles of Chinese lands were forcefully wrenched from China in which ninety percent of which are still controlled by Russia while China was reduced to a semi-colonial status controlled by eight European powers, America and Japan. China and India should now do the necessary to lead the world in bringing to justice the evil European powers and USA, the Evil Empire.


Ⓜatilah $ingapura⚠️ said...

China has clearly breached the terms of handover. Thankfully the Brits have no power to enforce any kind of "conditions".

The welfare-centered, stone-broke-cannot pay debts cuntrees of Europe should not open their mouths and talk shit to China lah. It is embarrassing: Their fucking grads cannot get jobs, China's grads work ALL OVER THE WORLD!

However DEMOCRACY will kill the free spirited and free market CAPITALISM of Hong Kong.

If China is smart, it will never allow HK to become fully democratic -- wich will put it on the road to a western-style WELFARE state.

Hong Kong ROCKS because of free wheeling, essentially "boh cheng hu" enterprise -- i.e. laissez faire capitalism -- probably the last place on earth which has it.

Irony: Communist Chinese running THE MOST capitalistic territory on the planet.

Anonymous said...

The Brits were lucky 1997 happened 15 years back when China was still weak.

Today China would simply tell the Brits to get out of HK when the treaty is up. What fucking terms for the Brits to negotiate? What rights have the Brits to negotiate about the lives of Chinese citizens and Chinese territories?

They still think it is the era of gunboat diplomacy and they owned the biggest gunboats and they could sell opium to China?

The Chinese will escort them to the airport and tell them don't come back.

Anonymous said...

I must agree with Matilah.

As it is, HongKong, under China, is already as democratic as most other Asian country. Allowing a western-style democracy for HongKong is not a good way to go for China.

What is wrong with one country two systems arrangement that has worked so well for almost two decades?

A full fledged democratic HongKong will eventually led to manupilations by the West in their campaigns against China to stifle it's rise, and a catylst for those other outlying restless Chinese controlled areas. The Chinese leaders are not that ignorant of the consequences.

Anonymous said...

It's celebration time again

Thanks to the Islamic extremists, world population reduced by one headcount.

Wonder if they do any ritual b4 the slaughter

Actualee... was it like killing chicken?

Anonymous said...

When Hongkong was under the British, the Queen just appointed a Governor and Hongkong LL has to accept it. Now those Honkies talk
about democracy. How come they were so quiet at that time. Is it
Ang Moh tua kee.

Anonymous said...

Becoz they worshipping the god

And they scream out loud when hitting the climax

Oh my god I cumming..

But that hk, here our god is old fart kuan yew.. pow jalan one,

Leemember... no kuan yew no stinkapore

Be grateful... vote papigs

b said...

Make love not wars lah. I proposed intermarriage between all the disputed nations to solve the impending threats from different nations and races. Everyone is of mixed heritage and very difficult or confusing to exercise what, who, where one belongs or take sides. Peace is attainable.

b said...

Democracy or communism not important lah. most important is plenty of progress and prosperity for everyone.