The Govt must come clean and be accountable for the CECA

Below is part of a report by Business Standard on the CECA between Singapore and India. Though it was stated that the Singapore Govt was in no hurry to review the pact, the point is that the CECA is still in effect with all the unfavourable terms affecting the lives of Singaporeans. Many of the controversial and damaging terms have been highlighted and denounced by the netizens as ridiculous and stupid. It would be better for the Govt to rescind this agreement immediately and renegotiate a new agreement minus the adverse terms and conditions that are detrimental to Singapore. The existing CECA terms must be declared null and void pending a new agreement. They are politically untenable and skewed against Singapore but highly favourable to India.

The Govt must come clean and be transparent with the new terms it is going to sign with India. They must be held accountable and must obtain the consent of the people for such a sweeping agreement. It cannot sign another agreement with terms similar to the existing CECA. It would need some people with wisdom and the interest of Singaproeans at heart to negotiate the new terms. Just plain good grades in schools have been proven to be useless or dangerous if the terms of the first CECA are to be witness to the stupidity.

A rally at Hong Lim is appropriate to express the wills of the people and what the people deem unacceptable for the Govt to take note of. I almost faint when I read the CECA. Cannot believe that our super talents could agree to those stupid terms.

Phillip Ang and Leong Sze Hian and their teams must put the CECA under the microscope to remove all the offending terms to ensure that they are not in the new agreement. Being hit by the first CECA in the dark is bad enough. To repeat the same mistakes in silence is unforgiveable.

Below is the Business Standard’s report.
‘Singapore in no hurry to review economic pact with India

The second review of CECA has been pending for more than 4 years

Nayanima Basu | September 02, 2014 Last Updated at 00:52 IST, Business Standard

Singapore is in no hurry to conclude the second review of the Comprehensive Economic Cooperation Agreement (CECA), even as India is pushing for entry of its banks and professionals into the Singapore market for more than four years.

“Yes, it (the second review of CECA) has taken a bit longer. We are in no hurry. These sort of negotiations take time. The Indian government is yet to come to terms with our laws. If CECA review takes over 10 years then also it is no big deal. Life goes on,” a senior Singaporean government official told Business Standard.

India had signed its first ever CECA with Singapore in August, 2005, under which both sides have a preferential tariff arrangement for over 80 product lines. Besides, India and Singapore enjoy greater access in services and investment under CECA.

The CECA's second review was launched in May, 2010, but since then the review had been held up mainly on two important issues. One is allowing Indian banks to Singapore and second the free movement of Indian professionals.

India had been consistently raising this issue with Singapore at all high-level meetings. The matter was even discussed during the recent meeting between external affairs minister Sushma Swaraj and her counterpart K Shanmugam in Singapore last month.

The Singapore government, in its effort to reduce reliance on foreign workers, passed the ‘Employment Pass Framework’ in 2010 under which the foreign share of the total workforce has to be brought down to around one-third by the companies located there, while encouraging employers to invest in productivity in return for incentives in the form of tax breaks.

However, India has argued that while Singapore has done this to address its own domestic concerns, it had committed a separate provision under CECA, exempting India from such a rule. The matter has taken a political colour now….’

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Anonymous said...

'Philip Ang and Leong Sze Hian' must put CECA under the microscope.
It will be desirable to have Rb aka Chua C Leng to work together with them.

Anonymous said...

We only 700 sq km and 3.4m pop and 5 unis. How can we open our doors to the whole of India of 1.1b people in jobs and recognising all their unis and only recognise 8 unis in Australia?

Which idiot thinks this is a good and fair deal?

jjgg said...

This is a complete sell out of Singapore and Singaporeans ..so, which dynamic brain thought of it...was it the overweight podium buster or the underweight recently ousted foreign minister..which prime minister didn't pass more than a fleeting golf ball look at it or was it the Mai hum man..whatever..they impregnated entire stretches of bayside condos and changi business park with aliens..they made mustaffa a very wealthy man as weekend queues are half hour long while orchard rd stands quiet n tearing..how many other CECA like agreements are out there..million dollar price tags also create million dollar idiots

Ⓜatilah $ingapura⚠️ said...

Sending Chinese persons to negotiate with Indians is bad strategy. There is no way a Chinese can ever out-negotiate an Indian.

Singapore has many talkative Indians. These are the people who should be sent. These local Singapore Indians have excellent negotiating and sales skills. Many of them are SO GOOD at convincing others, they can even convince their own mothers that they (their mothers) are still virgins....that's how good these no-nonsense local, Singaporean Indian orators are.

Anonymous said...

The two lost important industry sectors namely banking and IT sectors are already captured by FT. Only the crumbs are left. Knn

Anonymous said...

Matilar, I am disgusted that your icon still has the your daughter like this wording. I don't think your daughter like tp this that is the sexual abuse u have inflicted on her. Repent. God bless

Anonymous said...


Had Redbean aka Mr Chia Chin Leng not harped about CECA, many Sinkies will still be praising the Greatness and Wisdom of the Ex- Foreign Minister Georgie Boy. Some even think he can make the Pappies into saints.
We were sold for decades piece by piece, but where are the monies from the Sales ?

Do the average Sinkies benefitted from the Sell outs.


Anonymous said...

Yes I used to think he is a great thinker and philosopher not knowing he sold us out. Knn very angry with myself.

Anonymous said...

The CACE between India and Singapore has been in place for many year. Singapore is not too keen to renegotiate a new agreement because it is no no position to carve out a better agreement than the existing one. Therefore it is most reluctant to forge s new agreement. Singapore depends on India too heavily for india's supply of FTs and to a certain extent cheap labour. India on the other hand knows that if they even get Singapore on the negotiating table they can screw Singapore down to the last drop of blood. Therefore for the moment it is delay tactic is the most favourable option. Singapore cannot hold on to status quo for too long. The Indians are getting impatient and sooner or later Singapore will have to go to the negotiating table. Of course, more FTs will enter Singapore and the Singaporean PMETs will cry foul again. That is the hard truth, nothing can be done about it.

Anonymous said...

Rb // Phillip Ang and Leong Sze Hian and their teams must put the CECA under the microscope to remove all the offending terms to ensure that they are not in the new agreement. Being hit by the first CECA in the dark is bad enough. To repeat the same mistakes in silence is unforgiveable. //

Rb, maybe YEW wish to consider initiating an informal focus group to work on this CECA ( Comprehensive Economic Cooperation Agreement) FTA between AhNehLand and SINKIELAND?

Need not be face to face. Exchanges, brainstorming, discussions etc can be via email, Whatsapp, IM, Skype, Face time, Facebook etc. Modern technology can be tapped to minimise the communication barriers and maximize effectiveness and objectives of such an informal work/ focus group. Occasionally, members can meet to la kopi for further discussions.

For social endeavours, someone always need to take the lead to kick start the process.

Below some excerpts from CECA, Chapter 9 Movement of natural persons,, Article 9.1, Clause (3):

" 3. Nothing contained in this Chapter shall prevent a Party from applying measures to regulate the entry or temporary stay of natural persons of the other Party in its territory, including measures necessary to protect the integrity of its territory and to ensure the orderly movement of natural persons across its borders, provided such measures are not applied in a manner so as to unduly impair the benefits accruing to the other Party or delay trade in goods or services or conduct of investment activities under this Agreement. "

Total 7 pages in Chapter 9 comprising articles 9.1 to 9.13

Rb, what is your view on this suggestion?

It is probably an acknowledged fact that there are no lack of able readers, commenters, thinkers, political science graduates, law graduates, even economists, businessmen, engineers, human resource experts, bankers etc in MSN?

Do YEW think it is a workable suggestion that can bring the social media discussions and discourse at least one step forward?

Chua Chin Leng aka redbean said...

To really discuss about the terms of the agreement would require a lot of time and effort. We cannot do justice to such an agreement.

The only thing we can do is to talk cock here, like suggesting that we could reduce all barriers, better still merge with India and enjoy the big land mass and the big economy. HDB can go and build flats for the next 100 years. Capital Land can build a 10,000,000 foodcourts, and the project could last another 100 years.

Our MRT have countless lines to build and tunnels to dig. SIA can fly all over the country's cities enough already. The opportunities are countless.

But must prepare to move and stay in India. The rich Indians will move over here while our HDB millionaires can move over there and live like little maharajahs. And the landed property owners can live like real big maharajahs.

I only look at the good side of such an eventuality. And that Jack something can build all the toilets he can for the next 100 years.

What do you think? Chiat buay leow. The cantonese would say 'boh tin tin fat tat ah'.

b said...

It has never been about the people. It has always been all about the power. Amercan wants india to be on their side to help to stop china rising power. As amercan allies, oz, uk, sg have to do the same to court india. Its like darth vader trying to recruit a large pool of people to fight obiwan. Because of this very selfish reason, indians will rule over many people who are amercan allies.

Anonymous said...

Rb // The only thing we can do is to talk cock here, like suggesting that we could reduce all barriers, better still merge with India and enjoy the big land mass and the big economy. //

Ha ha ha ha ha

If that is the case, a more plausible "merger" is with PRC and become their "34th province" as the demographic mix is unlikely to get a "Yes" vote in a referendum whether CECA or no CECA or CECA 2.0 or 3.0?

On another note, perhaps sinkies should learn to "think BIG" like your suggestions that HDB can tapped into CECA to build 50,000,000 flats and perhaps 100 cities, SMRT 1,000 MRT lines etc etc

To borrow your phrase, " Chiat buay leow. 'boh tin tin fat tat ah'. "

Goooooooooooooood ideaaaaaaaaaa!

Rb, YEW are getting to show your hidden sharp business acumen besides your road side story telling talents .......... Still water runs deep.

Stand up for more "CECA"!

Huat AH!

Anonymous said...

I think the two jokers were counting the way RB was describing only to find out that it did not work that way. On paper yes, sibei song, lau nuar.

Actually kena raped and sold also don't know.

Anonymous said...

Those foolish boys and girls think India will be as silly as us to open legs wide wide.

They are only waiting to rape us the moment we open our legs.

Anonymous said...

The politicians and civil servants responsible for CECA must be held accountable! I wonder if any of them ended up working with Indian companies?

Anonymous said...

If indeed the Sin Rulers had incorporated the Terms that Redbean has mentioned, even in jest, such an agreement should be signed with all other countries.
But, me doubts they had the presence of mind to do that. Or maybe, they did not even think about them due to lacks of skill and or bargaining power.


Anonymous said...

Negotiators from Singapore have a one track aim, and that is to grow the GDP of Singapore. The main aim is to bring into Singapore MNCs to provide employment and to grow the economy. Even if the terms are unfavourable to Singapore these negotiators will accept. To grow GDP means to grow their own salaries and bonuses. These MNCs will bring in their own management and own key people. AS a token they would probably employ a few locals for the menial positions, but the bulk of employees will be from their own countries. At the end of the day it will be the general Singaporean public who will hold the shitty end of the stick. The ministers and the government negotiators will go laughing to the bank.

Anonymous said...

Very agreeable.