More Singaporeans in top posts in foreign banks..hahahhahaha…

After Tharman talked about the vanishing Singaporeans in top bank appointments, today there is a report in the ST saying ‘more’ Singaporeans are now in top bank positions. I cried until I almost fell out of my chair. Oh there were statistics for this claim. Actually with the few number of banks here, there could be a good table to show what is the real situation, how many Singaporeans are CEOs, how many are in number 2 and 3 positions and how many are foreigners.

Also, how many are promoted recently for cosmetic reason, after Tharman raised the issue in public? Why has the situation degenerated to such a pathetic state of being when Singaporeans used to be the top bankers in our country? Who allowed this to happen? No body knows because it just happened, or everyone was busy counting their money or went to sleep?

No need to waste my breath laboring on this point. It is like the country is going the same direction if nothing is done to put a stop to it. If national leaders could not even bother, or did not see this as a vital issue, best to let it be.

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Anonymous said...

Clearly redbean;
Yew don't know what Yew are doing.

Anonymous said...

Hi RB, speed, It just goes to show that the smart Singaporean bankers prefer to work overseas. Why?

The said...

20 years ago, most of the top management in Singapore-based banks, both local and foreign, were Singaporeans. Now, we have a few here and there and we have to make a song and dance out of it.

Anonymous said...

Rb // If national leaders could not even bother, or did not see this as a vital issue, best to let it be.//

Mb this Roy Ngerng is like Jack Ma?

He is miles ahead of sinkies!

What did some of the posters during HLP protests "shouted" ?

"SLAY WHAT arh "?

Anonymous said...

塌吗生的母kanlan = bastards of the whores?

Bestest of the worst?


Chua Chin Leng aka redbean said...

Speed asked why Spore bankers preferred to work outside Singapore.

Answer, either got sacked, not good enough against foreigners or cannot get a job here.

Anonymous said...

RB // Who allowed this to happen?//

In Economics, resources are finite but wants unlimited?

In Chinese Astrology, fortune also finite but needs unlimited?

Based on Chinese Astrology, SINKIELAND "good fortune " ending before 2030?

Anonymous said...

/// Based on Chinese Astrology, SINKIELAND "good fortune " ending before 2030? ////

Based on common sense and track record;
SINKIELAND "good fortune " ended when LHL became Prime Minister.

Anonymous said...

Adding one is already a big number because we have such a low baseline. Imangine there is only one local CEO in Singapore, promoting one would increase the percentage to 100%. Like that also can believe ah?

Anonymous said...

Where got problem? Just issue pink ics to all the CEOs and top bankers and we can have 100% Singaporeans instantreely.

Caveat, if they don't mind your cheap ics.

Anonymous said...

Rb, this month have any " mythical animal slaying festival" at HLP?

Sinkies should bring the " 屠龙刀 " there ?

HLP grass below "a lot of earth worms"?

Dig out and "slay" all this 昆虫?

This world now no more " 龙" but have " 虫"?

The "dragon sabre" becum " 屠虫刀"?

Anonymous said...

Who allowed this to happen?

The 60% who voted PAP lah, who else?

Then who allow the 60% to vote PAP?

The "not ready to be govt" opposition lah.

Then who allow the opposition to be not ready?

The smart Sinkies lah, who else?
If under PAP, smart Sinkies can make lots of money, why would they want to join opposition?

And without enough smart Sinkies joining, how can opposition be ready to be govt, u tell me lah?

Anonymous said...

Hi RB, speed, or maybe these are the smart Singaporeans who foresaw the situation Singapore is in now. So they opt to work elsewhere for the same kind of salaries with better standard of living, ie. more secure rice bowl, less crowd, cleaner air, more open spaces and less chances of being elbowed out by FTs when you reach the age of 50+. Can this be part of the reason?

Anonymous said...


Even smart Sinkies like RB know it is easier and better to blog to make kopi money than to join opposition. And never mind it is just only kopi money.

So what more for smarter Sinkies, when there is big money to be made?

Anonymous said...

Typo error @ 12.35pm

// 屠虫刀 // should be //屠色虫刀//

Pls make sure YEW read collectLEE?

It is //屠色虫刀//?

Not //屠色狼刀//?

Oso NOT//屠淫虫刀//?


Pls read collectLEE?

Dun YEW eyes kena "TUCK" stamp or "LUI" ok?

Anonymous said...

Rb // I cried until I almost fell out of my chair. //

Jiat Lat Rb, with "bestest of the worst clowns" in charge, the "JOKES" make YEW cried instead of laughing?

Chua Chin Leng aka redbean said...

There is this guy called Chris K blogging in TRE. He is a very senior banker in a foreign bank overseas. He has been trying to come back home but no one is interested in him.

They said, the prophet has no place at home or something like that.

Sad. And they keep bringing in all the thrash and proclaimed them as good and our talents as bad, not wanted at home.

Anonymous said...

Rb // And they keep bringing in all the thrash and proclaimed them as good and our talents as bad, not wanted at home.//

Rb, obviously foreign multinationals are likely to bring in their own kind, when foreigners working in local banks are inclined to do the same.

Haven't heard of that many senior bankers anti-garment type in local banks, have YEW?

Which local bank wants to hire senior bankers who are vocally anti-garment, pls kee chiu?

Anonymous said...


It so fucking dark, I cunt confirmed wat the ah neh claimed

Fuck papigs

Anonymous said...

This is a question to all Singaporeans.

Did you all not see this coming a few GEs ago?

Why have you allowed this to happen?

Who do you think should shoulder the blame for all this?


Anonymous said...

This are questions to all Singaporeans.

Did you all not see this coming a few GEs ago?

Why have you allowed this to happen?

Who do you think should shoulder the blame for all this?


Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...


b said...

Many are also sent overseas on the basis of "better prospects" and they find difficult to return home and realised that their positions are taken over by mostly ahnehs.

b said...

"more’ Singaporeans are now in top bank positions"

- how many are "new" singaporeans?

To come out with this kind of findings is to find excuse for their inresponsible actions.

Veritas said...
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Chua Chin Leng aka redbean said...

Hi Veritas, the local managers politicking, in fact most managers politicks. I think the politicking by the foreigners are must more damaging by sacking our locals and replacing them with foreigners.

Always remember this is a country and this is our country.

Veritas said...

Given a choice, most Singaporeans want to report to Ang Moh. Reason is Ang Moh expatriate managers are more likely (there are lots and lots of exceptions as well) to be there due to merit. Ang Moh managers are more fair than Singaporean managers.

Singaporean managers are big poison to the corporate culture. I have personally lead a team before. I am aware of team dynamics.

The manager is 100% the culprit of a very politiking environment.

In addition, the Singaporean senior managers of early 90s until today are exactly the person who bring in FT to replace their executive, swaggering in confidence that they themselves will not be replaced.

However, many Singaporean managers eventually got kick out as karma bitches.

Today, those lucky surviving Singaporean managers are still the one who lobbied for FT.

Singaporean got shit because we really need to repent our shit culture.

The most poisonous managers is FT Indians. Bring them it the whole team because cesspool of politics and no work is done.

Veritas said...

Singaporean managers including my current managers cannot live without FT. Recently my company has a headcount for a very easy role and they have difficulties in filling up the post.

They do not want to train. Due to influx of FT, they do not want to pay fair wage for the headcount.

I have been making many people embarrass by pointing out that the problem.

Also basically my bosses do not know what I am doing despite they are spending more than 20 years in the company.

They have been idling all along.

My managers not only do not have the skill set to guide my work, but are quite suspicious that I may lied to him. And his incompetency feed his paranoid and hysterical. Since he do cannot mentor young engineers and he know zero of the job, that best thing to do is to hire a FT, and hope that this FT (pray hard hard FT do not lied in resume as he cannot even conduct interview properly) is competent enough.

Such managers are everywhere in SG.

And every white man land research lab I went do not have such nonsense managers.

Why do this kind of people keep on get promoted and promoted and where is our good people gone? Why are we not promoting good engineers or scientist?

Where is our good engineers? Are we really so stupid?

Reason is simple, the insecurity of top managers and the politiking environment has prevented good people from moving up.

Anonymous said...

haha, you still don't know how the PAP crooks work ? Whenever you raise issue with them, they will just give some political correct statement using dubious statistic that cannot be scrutinized further.

It goes like this:

"Singapore crime rate increases"

then the ShittyMedia will then report

"Singapore crime rate is now lower" As how and why is it lower define heaven and sky when there is huge influx of foreigers, and all they give is basically "trust us because PAP say so"

So pap say something, please the multiply the problem by magnitude of times, and that is the actual truth.

Anonymous said...

Political Satire/Joke
Under under pressure from the new Singaporeans First Party, the PAP has formed a radical breakaway study group called Singaporeans Guaranteed Always First Party.

Under its constitution, PAP's new study pledges to guarantee that:
a. Singaporeans will always be the first to do national service. Defending alien assets with Singaporean lives.

b. Singaporeans will always be the first to give our blood to aliens who are here on medical tourism.

c. Singaporeans will be the first batch to be retrenched ahead of aliens in an economic recession.

Singaporeans are hereby requested to give more suggestions to PAP Ministers who are running out of ideas on how to spend more money on aliens.

Anonymous said...

There got many many places to live better life, however sinkies forsake all of them and instead choose to stay and kpkb.