Tan Jee Say’s olive branch to alternative parties

The new kid on the block, Singapore First Party, is taking the initiative to offer an olive branch to all the other alternative parties. In Jee Say’s letter to all the alternative parties, he diplomatically listed the parties by alphabetical order to avoid controversies, he requested to have a cordial meeting with the leaders of the other parties. Below is the text of his letter,

‘We are proud to be able to join you in wanting to build a better Singapore for all Singaporeans. You have all contributed much in this effort. As a new party, we can learn a lot from your experiences. Accordingly, we would like to pay a courtesy call on each of you, to introduce ourselves to you, discuss your experiences and find out how we can complement you and work together with you for the betterment of Singapore.’

The letter was all politeness and humility, wanting to learn from and to share with the other parties. It is unlikely that any of the parties would turn him down to appear arrogant and aloof. Many observers read this letter as a first step towards opposition camp unity. This is something that has been seen as the Achille’s heel of the opposition and a closing of ranks, to work out a common strategy to take on the ruling party is highly awaited and desired by the voters who want to see a serious challenge to the dominance of the PAP.

In many ways this is a daunting task and highly difficult to achieve. Otherwise it would have been done long ago. Understandably every party would have their own views on such a move and many have their own constraints to want to come together. There are misgivings, rightly or wrongly, that would keep the alternative parties apart. But intentionally wanting to keep their party out of the loop, to be a lone hero, may not be seen as a good thing unless they could mount a serious challenge to form the govt.

Ideally the alternatives could come to a common agreement and position on how to fight the GE as a united force. Saying it is easy, but doing it is tough. This does not necessarily mean they would not be able to come together. On the other extreme, a very loose form of unity or understanding could be worked out whereby the alternative parties would go for the lowest common factors. This could be just a non written agreement not to fight or contest against one another in a 3 corner fight. It could also mean no attacks on each other’s position if they don’t agree to work together as a united force. There would be a lot of give and take with the hope that the bigger parties be as accommodating as they could possibly be and the smaller parties be as least demanding as they should.

The assumptions here are that the alternative parties are willing to talk and do a bit of horse trading among themselves. What would be unfortunate is for some to be difficult and not wanting to talk with the other parties. A lot of goodwill and wisdom is needed here for the alternative parties not to spoil the broth and do themselves in. The big brother at the moment is the WP. Would the WP be a gracious big brother or be an uncompromising one?

Is there hope that they can come to some understanding or would it be a big disappointment? In the recent by elections and the last GE, it appeared that eventually wisdom, common interests and not to do each one in could see them rise above the level of mediocrity. If the bad boys and bad attitude come from the smaller parties, things could be easier as they are inconsequential and can be ignored. At worst, among the bigger alternative parties, they must talk to each other for the good of everyone without risking bad blood and someone behaving badly to upset the apple cart.

May goodwill and the general good of the people prevail for a resounding and beneficial ending in the coming GE.

Kopi Level - Green


Anonymous said...

Olive branch or not, but I think 60% will still see Sinkie First Party as just another opposition party. Unless Hainan Ah Ko announce his party will contest 100 seats next GE and so indirectly tell the rest to go fly kite.

But no opposition party leader ever announce that before, tio bo? And that being so, u know what is their fate in the hands of the 60% every election?

So why would the next election be any different, u tell me lah?

Anonymous said...

his name should be changed to harban singh ver. 2

leemember ... vot papigs directlee interest of going round bushes

off topic lah, btw why many religious n pious people like to join politics?

Anonymous said...

Got, got, they joined PAP. Tony Tan, Dhanabalan, George Yeo, Augustine Tan, Michael Lim, got some more.

Anonymous said...

@September 05, 2014 9:14 am

lidat .... must be the callings from god, to care for her earthly children

somemore ... so many joining papigs

so u see .... even god love n believein papigs

thus u all must vote for thee beloved party; papigs

evidence tare there for all to c; in papigs

we have;

the surrogate god called kuan yew

his son ... must make superitious daft hapby ... so called his dragon prince aka hsien loong

and the holy ghost .. or issit the holeey ghost, ... who is god chosen one? holey ching, wooden goh? or kfc, tonlee tan?

lidat ... better believe in god chosen one, the papigs , haha, so u c god chosen one is papigs not israel

Anonymous said...

@ September 05, 2014 8:53 am
" Unless Hainan Ah Ko announce his party will contest 100 seats next GE ... "

The election deposit is $16,000 per candidate.
To challenge for all 87 seats, an Opposition Party needs; $1.392 million dollars.

Here is a link that compares the election deposits from countries all around the world.
Guess which country has the highest deposit requirements by far?
Now you know why Singapore politicians must be very well paid?


Anonymous said...

The alternative parties of Singapore coming together to oppose the PAP ? That would be good for Singapore. The monopoly of power in any one party in any country has always been bad for the country. So, for the good of Singapore there must be a strong challenge. Accountability in any system of government is always desirable. If unity among the alternative parties becomes a reality, the only people who stand to lose would be the PAP. I wonder what sort of PAP wayang would then materialise to torpedo this union. We have to wait and see.

Anonymous said...

Alternative Party Alliance - APA versus PAP

Ⓜatilah $ingapura⚠️ said...

This is, as I've said before, PAP ver. "upgrade".

However the chap is Holland V "kaki-nang" so I'll give him a pass.

Kampong folks shoud look out for and support each other. ;-)

Anonymous said...

there are too many political
parties in this very very small
city state which is negative for
the opposition parties.....

unless the opposition parties can
work together NOW and sort out
their turfs and start working
NOW, otherwise you will be
SURPRISED with the results in the
SOON coming GE......


Anonymous said...

" ... unless the opposition parties can work together NOW and sort out
their turfs and start working
NOW, otherwise you will be
SURPRISED with the results in the
SOON coming GE...... "

You think PAP don't have their own internal turf wars?
The tipping point will be when old fart dies.

Anonymous said...

Singaporeans First Party
or Me First with My Party First?

Please show You can be Second or lower and
Only then will I believe.

Btw, I had said that the Alternative Parties and Social/Political Activists(including Bloggers) are fragmented, in response to Han Hui Hui's Call to sinkies for unity.
Anyone has observation to the Contrary?


Anonymous said...

Please do not call the old fart " an old fart ". Respect him for he is a demi God. There should be a statue erected for him when he goes.

b said...

Politicians are all selfish one lah. Only daft people think they are there to support the nation. The truth is they are there to support their own pockets.

Singaporeans first or second not the most important so long as plenty of good jobs and good stuffs for singaporeans.

b said...

My guess is he is a spy sent by pap.

Anonymous said...

Is there more than meets the eye for this Hainan Ah Ko?

In fact many, including myself, were surprised that he could qualify as a Presidential candidate in 2011.

Anonymous said...

Just look at the way he hopped in and out like a frog of Aung Juan Soon Chee's party.

Anonymous said...

Is there more than meets the eye for this Hakka Ah Tee?

In fact many, including myself, were surprised that he could qualify as a Prime Minister in 2011.