Special Needs Children

These three words have now been used in a political battle to prove who is more caring and more like angels. Sad, very very sad that these children have become an issue in a political tussle for attention, become political tool or cannon fodder.

Anyone want to ask why I did not post a single photo of these children and actually refused to mention their condition? Let’s show some respect to them and their parents for a bit of privacy. I feel quite disgusted with people blowing their trumpets and carrying these Special Needs Children on their shoulders for cheap publicity and to score points for whatever agenda they have.

On hindsight, I love highsight, the best place to hold an event for these children, see I don’t use the phrase Special Needs Children, is the Istana ground. And the President could grace the occasion and chat with the children in full privacy from the public glare. I have been involved with many such activities in social service clubs and I am fully aware and very sensitive to these children and their families. I avoid intentionally to photograph them unless there is a very special reason to do so.

Let’s leave these children and their families in peace.


Kopi Level - Yellow


Anonymous said...

Where were the high and mighty priests when Gabriel Loh was thrown out of the window by his IMH patient mother? God bless his soul.

Anonymous said...

its good that you respect them RB. ask Roy and Hui Hui to do so too.

Raymond said...

Well you should have thought of that when you and your gang of hecklers marched over to the other lawn. It's a bit late to shed your crocodile tears now.

Anonymous said...

I hear apparently someone provoked the protestors by shouting "I love CPF".

Well, it seems the protestors can shout "Return my CPF", but if one guy shouts that he actually love CPF, its provocation.

Zero acceptance for difference in opinion and quick name calling, blame portioning. Sounds familiar?

I think these people and the PAP government are the perfect match for each other.

Anonymous said...

Never tot I'd say this but Raymond has a point. It shows really poor judgement on you folks to even go near those children. RB, as one of the senior ones, you should know better and should have stepped forward to stop the march.

You all really dropped the ball this time. Not sure if anybody will bother with HLP protests from now on, esp those organized by HHH or Roy.


Anonymous said...

If its a trap, its one that you guys walked into very loudly and willingly I must say

Anonymous said...

Oy! RB did not organized the march/protest lah. He is only a participant what, cannot meh? You all don't yuan wang hao ren OK! If you think RB one person can stop a few hundred protesters from marching ypou must be crazy!

Anonymous said...

YMCA has their Special Needs Children.
Singaporeans have our Special Needs Ministers ... who need millions in salaries to help them stay honest.

Anonymous said...

Roy and Hui Hui, the impetuous duo. All PAP had to do was feed them enough rope, and sure enough, they hung themselves...

Anonymous said...

Who told you the protestors go near the children? The children were everywhere. As for the 'heckling' incident, the children were high up on stage and at least 20 feet away from the minister and the protestors.

Don't blindly read the media and believe blindly lah. Don't insult your own intelligence. If you keep talking like that it only shows you are not thinking.

Anonymous said...

RB, the IBs are very active on this case. They don't mind coming here to get fuck and keep coming back for more.

Anonymous said...

Interested. Walk into a trap?

Probably. Any strangers there. "Blackleg" ?

Anonymous said...

Jeez, not another post about those "special needs children" again. I say fuck the special needs children. What about my CPF??



Anonymous said...

So lucky no violence breaks out and no children or grannies were hurt. If someone was physically hurt because of the protest, the people approving the two events would be hung.

Were the parents of those children informed of a protest rally happening at the same time? Would any parent dare to bring their little ones to a protest rally?

Anonymous said...

Which is more important?

A handful of spastic children or the CPF money for a few MILLION Singaporeans?

People please keep your eyes on the ball.

Virgo 49 said...

To this nincoomp Raymond.

Why your political masters puts these children in harm's way and claiming yo be appalled when this incident happenrd.??

Why stooped so low just to divert attention to all their lack of foresight policies thst they had implemented??

Karma will haunt them and have to sleep with their eyes half open or fully open.

Anonymous said...

Will the president KFC has eye contact and shake hand with the special need children?

Anonymous said...


oldhorse42 said...

The MIW must be really desperate enough to pull a stunt like this to score some political brownie points.
Do the people believe what was written or said over the mainstream media that the uncles like RB aka Chua Chin Leng heckled special needs children? Well, I don't.
The return our cpf rallies must have touched a raw nerve for our leeders to stoop so low to use these children to discredit the organisers.

b said...

What does the cpf has to do with special needs children? There are more than enough money from coe, erp, gst, ict, ppt to cover for the special need children daily needs.

Anonymous said...

I see the same delusion pervades here. Forget the mainstream media. Social media, blogs and fellow activists. You never saw so many of them criticize roy and han before.

Actually the uncles and aunties did better. They shook hands with teo ser luck and spoke to him about cpf. Roy and han, waving flag and blaring on loudspeaker in the middle of a crowd where no one seems to pay attention to them, wtf they doing?

Maybe next protest let these uncle aunties organized.

End of the day even if ppl set you up you can choose not to fall in. No matter what children are there, roy and han only failed because as people, they can talk, but lack the character to handle situations well.

Anonymous said...

Anon 2:43, really? Do you what you are talking about?

Anonymous said...

"If my daughter, Faith, who has autism, or any of my kids, had been on stage performing that day at the YMCA event, and Roy Ngerng, Han Hui Hui and gang came over to disrupt the proceedings, I would have taken their signs and placards and shoved the lot up their collective arses.", Mr Brown.

Needless to say, you protesters turned off a lot of people.

Anonymous said...

It was a trap all along. When you play with fire you should know sooner or later PAP is gonna to act. This is a perfect trap as the children involved were from special school. Of course, the organiser should smell fish when they realise it is not normal to have school activities in Hong Lim Park.

Anonymous said...

Where on earth are those big-shots who spoke at previous ReturnCPF protests? People like Gilbert Goh, Tan Kin Lian, Tan Jee Say, Kenneth Jeya, Leong etc.

Why sooooo silent now?

Do you think they have gone into "internet hiding"? Ha ha!

Anonymous said...

No one has yet explained how this was a "charity" function. Such functions are supposed to raise funds. So were funds being raised? A collection was being made from the small audience? Were the old people attending being asked to cough up donations to watch the show?

The other aspect of a "charity" function is to give those being helped pleasure, enjoyment, a treat.

In this case, these kids were Forced to perform on stage in front of a bored "audience" of "volunteers", while a bored minister snapped Selfies, instead of giving the children's efforts his attention. How rude!!!

In fact, the kids were quickly Thrust on stage the moment the protestors began walking past, instead of being held back for a few minutes.

But what exactly about this YMCA event was in it for the children?

Was food laid on for the kids or the elderly people bussed in to this event?

And all the while, the noise levels - of the YMCA event - were Deafening - very disturbing to All psyches - so deafening you could barely hear the protestors!

This is volunteerism in today's context? If it is, it's an absolute joke, a sham!

As for the "heckling" - it is obvious that all those claiming the children were "heckled" have a poor grasp of the English language. Unfortunately, that includes a bunch of ministers and MPs. Plse go look up the meaning of the word....

Anonymous said...

"If my daughter, Faith, who has autism, or any of my kids, had been on stage performing that day at the YMCA event, and Roy Ngerng, Han Hui Hui and gang came over to disrupt the proceedings, I would have taken their signs and placards and shoved the lot up their collective arses.", Mr Brown.

Mr Brown, were you mad not knowing that your daughter will be attending a protest rally? I will be fuming mad if she were to attend a protest rally and I did not know about it or be informed of it.

Attending a protest rally is not exactly a safe thing to do. You not angry with it?

Anonymous said...

Brown had joined the dark side moons ago

Else he will not b together with Jack neo

Maybe... he should have a mee pok ai hum

Anonymous said...

RB has police called you up to lim kopi yet? Be prepared ah. They know who you are and that you participated in the march. But keep us informed OK? Good luck to you.

Chua Chin Leng aka redbean said...

Thank you. I think I have been talking after issues affecting our country and people and children. If they think this is forbidden, then I dunno what to say.

As for HLP, I went there to cover the event and reported as fair as I can be. Cannot also?

Will keep you people inform if things are not well. Or you will see an absence of new posts. So far they have been quite enlightened. I spoke for their interests as well as their children's interests. They knew, I hope.

Anonymous said...

PAP Are Champion Complainers:

Small little protest in Hong Lim Park.
A little bit of noise.
And all the PAP MPs and Ministers kpkb in the internet and Straits Times.

Here are some photos of a real protest rally.
Those Hongkies can really protest.
Compared to Hong Kong, what is Hong Lim Square?


I guess we will now have to increase the pay of our PAP Millionaires to compensate them for their heroic efforts at managing the unruly Singaporean population.
And Teo Ser Luck gets an extra month bonus for his hazardous job at Hong Lim Park.

Anonymous said...

Frankly if put all these wayang kings, paper generals and jiak liao bee in other foreign countries situations, they would have LONG MELTED and WILTED AWAY within SECONDS. They only know and can only use the xxxxxxxx to xxxxxxxx sinkies.

For PG oldies who had been through the earlier days baptism of fire, pls dun LAO KUI and start peeing and shitting in your pants and adult diapers under such little pressure and "ordeal".

From a post-independence generation observation and perspective, dun just always tell stories how garang PG generation were or during their time. If such small heat also cannot tahan, what cock and bull stories had yall been telling all the while?

All like lau goa kena "EUNUCHISED" liao?






Anonymous said...

Fuck hsien loong. N papigs

Ⓜatilah $ingapura⚠️ said...

The self centered CPF losers didn't go far enough with the cripples and retarded kids -- they should have thrown bottles , cans and other projectiles at these worthless pieces of shit.

It is quite clear in the hearts and minds of the CPF-Losers that they're wishing these fucking children were either aborted as foetuses, or drowned immediately after birth. No, instead they were allowed to live and grow up so to DISRUPT an "important" issue about getting money these fuckers have given away as TAXES.

Anyway it is all captured on video. These heartless and selfish CPF Losers should not lose their spirit. Should any of them encounter a deformed, cripple or retarded kid, the CPF Loser should "prove themselves" by going up to said child, and punching or kicking it.

What better way to spend a Saturday afternoon than by heckling and dissing weak, under-developed, permanently damaged, humans who need constant care.

Well done supporters of Roy and Hui Hui! What a shame your supporters didn't get to a few of the kids and slapped them for disrupting your oh-so-precious event.

theonion said...


Based on all the videos both on MSM, TOC and even Mr Brown, would agree with Mr Brown that what a shame that protesters only care about themselves and not the children especially children with special needs.
Talk about pot calling kettle black, looking at the excuses put up in all this articles/comnents

Anonymous said...

Did meepok man ever ask himself y his child is so?

Did old fart ask himself the same qtn?

Fuck u... brown.