The future fashion of Sin City

Khaw Boon Wan was gazing at this crystal ball and foresaw that car ownership would no longer be fashionable to the young in the future. This would free up spaces occupied by carparks for the people’s use. We will have more parks and, not forgetting, more space for a bigger population, maybe the highly desired number of 10m.

I could see many things going in and out of fashion in the future, and as a result a better quality of life. People will not longer want to stay in landed properties or big properties. They would prefer a new and futuristic style of living, each one renting a cocoon in the shape of a big cigar for sleeping. They will spend their times enjoying life, working or staying awake for 18 to 20 hours a day.

High salary jobs would also not be popular. People do not need so much money since they don’t need to buy big houses and expensive cars. So they would be very happy earning just enough for the day. They would even opt for temporary or contract jobs, work for a few hours and enjoy all the free time they have. The happiest people will be those who are their own bosses, like taxi drivers, a highly desired and preferred occupation.

University education will definitely be passé. Who needs an expensive university education when they are aspiring for part time or temporary jobs? Many will be contented with an O level or ITE education. And they know that they could get very far with them as long as they work hard and are good at what they are doing. It will be so fashionable as a career choice that parents will all be opting their children for it, less stress and lower cost. No more expensive tuition, no more exams and everyone very happy, parents happy, children lagi happy.

No one would want to eat in fine restaurant, it will be unfashionable to go for fine dining for the average Singaporeans. Only the very few conservative rich that refused to follow the fashion will still be going for fine dining. They will still think living in big houses is good and stick to their old fashion ways, owning and driving big cars that the young have rejected as unfashionable. They forget that the new lifestyle, of very high quality living, is to take public transports, without owning cars. They do not mind being laughed at driving their big cars around. And they don’t mind being out of fashion or being unfashionable. But this group of people will be so small that they will hardly be seen in public places except in their private clubs. For the rest of HDB dwellers, another popular and fashionable past time, other than talking about down grading, will be walking in and out of pawn shops with their flats.

The future is really interesting, with high fashion and high living with no loss in the quality of living, eating in hawker stalls. Yes, eating hawker food will be a lifestyle choice too, for the people of Sin. There is a great and exciting future ahead of us.

Kopi Level - Green


Anonymous said...

Rb, thanks for pointing to more good years ahead. U are well ahead of woody in looking into the future. I was so stress and worry for my children at first about on how on earth they are going to afford house and car but now knowing the future trend, I am relief. Thanks for the article, u make my day.

Anonymous said...

bleak bleak bleak....

it was reported today that the
buyer sentiment for properties
here is very BLEAK.....

the figure was very shocking.....

the number of property units
unsold last month was 15.10%,
worst than 2008.....

Anonymous said...

The colour white is going out of fashion.

Ⓜatilah $ingapura⚠️ said...

I don't think that someone working for the govt, drawing salary paid for by bleeding tax payers is qualified to tell fashionable Singaporeans what the future "fashion" will be.

Please lah, govt ministers are the most UNFASHIONABLE people around. Have you seen their clothes? EEEEEEccccchhhhhhh.....And the women too...fucking awful clothes.

Many Singaporeans are "hip" -- they're not only into the latest fashion, they set up trends in fashion and are "initiators" in whatever the new-new things are. These people are mostly GAY or from the LBGT sector of the society -- the sector that has plenty of money, great fun, the BEST parties, and are the snappiest dressers in the cuntree -- i.e. they make Singapore LOOK GREAT.

Singaporeans should pay more tribute and attention to their LBGT fellow citizens -- who bring international class and style to the place, and general make things look nice, taste nice, smell nice and feel nice. They are the purveyors of "niceness".

Anonymous said...

Last few days had been seeing large groups of young men and women soliciting charities at various MRT Stations.
Had been approached by them, they showed me pictures of elderlies around my age. When I told them I am also senior citizen myself, got the retort that I must be working. They must have noticed my safety shoes and soiled working clothings.
In the eyes of those young folks, maybe the cleaners and garbage seekers should contribute to their charity business.


Are there so many Singaporeans surviving on charities that there are round the year charity activities and more are at it than ever?

How the hell is this society being run?

b said...

Actually do not even need to build hdb flats. Just need to build carparks for caravans. People can live in caravans and park near their workplace so no need cars.

Got see standard living going downhill? Welcome to the gypsy lifestyle under youknowlah.

Anonymous said...

"Are there so many Singaporeans surviving on charities that there are round the year charity activities and more are at it than ever?"
September 18, 2014 3:08 pm

You are reading it upside down. Should be:
"Are there so many PAP politicians surviving on voter stupidity that the round the year taxation activities are now more than ever?"

Anonymous said...

Yes wtf is going on in Sin? Who are the fuckers that said Singapore is one of the richest? Are they blind or mad?
Stupid bastards.

Anonymous said...

National Audit Of Our Singapore Reserves.

Anonymous said...

It's the politicians that are living on the charity of the people. The millions they collect for working or not working.