Did Roy Ngerng mean anything to you?

Here is the programme of the vigil on 17 Sep at Hong Lim Park. If Roy means something to you, if Roy has done something good for you, hope you will be there to reciprocate, a show of support at the very least to Roy for speaking up for your CPF.

Program for the Candlelight evening:

7.30 pm People gather for a short welcome speech
7.35 pm Lighting of the Torches at the mound
7.45 pm Singing “We Shall Overcome”
“How many roads must a Man walk down?”
“ When we walk through a storm………..”
8.00 pm Well wishers light up their individual candle and plant it along the white carpet walkway, near the mount or the tent. After that they can sign their good wishes on the cloth banner.
8.30 pm Light refreshment of moon cake, chai tow kuay and tea
9.00 pm Sing or rap to your heart’s content:
“To dream the impossible Dream”
Songs from “Les Miserables”

Midnight: Goodnight farewell we hate to say goodbye.

We hope you will use the occasion to get to know each other better and share your hopes and dreams for a better tomorrow.

Teo Soh Lung

Kopi Level - Green


Anonymous said...

Would the cooking be done there as I hate cold food. What is the cost? I don't mind paying but the food must be hot.

Anonymous said...

Moon cake is cold of course but no no for tea or chai tow kuay.

I don't mind paying at a premium, maybe double normal price, for hot tea and chai tow kuay, especially if it is from Roy father's stall.

Veritas said...

When I started kpkb online around 2008, I was mocked and scorned. Everyone call me a loser, sour....etc. Then there are large numbers of online internet brigade, who label all dissenters as loser.

Today, PAP internet brigade has not necessary gone more intelligent but are more discrete. Anyone who have managing position know one thing. The managers are afraid of subordinates. The teachers are afraid of their students. The government-- they are scare to the shit by their citizens.

The Mas Selamat type can never harm PAP an iota. But the citizen can send all PAP to guillotine tomorrow if they want.

While PAP can act indifference, be assure they are getting more and more afraid each day,

Veritas said...

The citizens must be informed, because generally most people are not so smart. 3-4 years ago, FT Indians are like big fuck. They fire us, then accuse Chinese of discriminating them.

I get fucking angry and I started informing Singaporeans the true colors of FT Indians. Today, very few FT Indians dare to go online and insult Singaporeans.

They know we are aware of their shit.

Right now, Islamofascist are trying very hard to accuse Singaporean Chinese as racist.

I expose their lies.

Before Roy started his CPF blog, I am among the earliest pioneer in revealing the shit of CPF, GIC and Temasek. You look at my blog and you know.

I am happy that the Singaporeans are now well informed of CPF problems.

I also expose Singapore medical cartel.

I expose my teacher in NTU for harming Singaporeans and suck FT's cock.

Exposing the shit of PAP is what make Singaporeans move forward.

RB you have a good friend mickey. I hope sincerely Mickey will turnover to the light.

He is an asset to expose NTU.

Anonymous said...

Why not the song:
'We will Rock Yew"


Just imagine.
500,000 Singaporeans at an election rally.
Singing "We will rock Yew"

Anonymous said...

Just imagine.
500,000 Singaporeans at an election rally.
Anon 12:32 pm

Don't imagine lah. It has never happen, and will never happen. Not even once in 50 years.

Chua Chin Leng aka redbean said...

Nice song title.

Anonymous said...

Like to suggest to Veritas to go into THE INTELLIGENT SINGAPOREAN BLOGSITE to read up the Contents there.

b said...

Romantic leh. Got birthday cake for LKY? This kind of program more appealing to youngsters. DOM will definitely not miss the chance to linger around.

Anonymous said...

anon 12.41pm pls kindly note.......

after 911, I have stopped using
the word "never".......

Anonymous said...

@ Anon 2.42pm // Please do not take 'ai hum mai hum' as a joke, it can confuse You and give You much headache//


Very Tiok!


Now sinkies confidence in the garment or the future prospects is on a slippery slope?

Visibility is at most in weeks and months?

For those sinkies who interact frequently or daily with the ground, it is quite noticeable that things are "slowly but surely " falling apart?

Those who might have the heart in the right place are helpless and also "cannot" help because they are likely to be "wacked down" with a "sledgehammer" if they "offer to help " ?

Those who are "in charge " mostly dun have "any heart " or "in the wrong place "?

Predictably, under such climate, there is only one direction society, hope and future prospects can go, and that's sliding down the slippery slope?

The ending is also quite predictable?

Mai hum ah mai hum?

YEW "ai hum or mai hum " sinkies also jiatlat? Because mee siam in the first place doesn't have hum?

YEW can only regain sinkies confidence and buy in if YEW publicly eat "MEE SIAM WITH HUM " in a hawker center?

Anonymous said...

Leaders are " made by the times " they are in?

UK in WWII "made" Churchill?

CHINA in the 1920s to 1940s "made" Mao Ze Tong and in the 1970s to 1990s "made" Deng Xiao Ping?

Different times "need" different leaders?

What kind of leaders does SINKIELAND need in the 1990s and did not get?

Were the "right" leaders that SINKIELAND needed in the 2000s in place then?

How about the leaders that SINKIELAND needs in the 2010s and 2020s?

Are the types of leaders SINKIELAND need in place?

What or how to measure or determine or decide what type of leaders is necessary for SINKIELAND in different times?

Given the sentiments and happenings on the ground, are the best and most suitable type of leaders that SINKIELAND needs in place or is this little red dot being "hijacked" by the "types of leaders in the wrong place at the wrong time"?

If it is the former, what would be the likely outcome down the road?

More importantly, if it is the latter, what could be the consequences for sinkies, SINKIELAND and most crucially for the masses?

What would be the likely end game for some politicians?

Would they be like past Chinese leaders who can retire honourably or could some end up with fates like Mohd Gaddafi, Saddam Hussien, Husni Mubarak etc etc?

With an extremely uncertain future in the global stage, many issues on the international agenda are intertwined?

Issues are no longer single dimensional?

What appears relative calm could be the prelude to the most nerve racking disasters?

Being such a small player and contending with the past decades of "excesses and several careless and overconfident missteps", would the relative calm be the false and misleading facade before the stormy weather?

Though it is almost impossible to precisely predict the future, are current attributes enough to see SINKIELAND through in the times ahead?

How confident are the people in their leaders?

Anonymous said...

Since the Mas Selamat escape, the "YOG signature fiasco", the 50 years bus strikes, the 50 years Little India Riot, to the latest "fake" talent who made it through but now being investigated by overseas authority for "premeditated fraud/ cheating", do YEW think things are going down badly a slippery slope or the "official version" that "the leaders in place can and able to bring about and usher in the yet to be Golden Era"?

Anonymous said...

The weight of evidence suggests that we have a bunch of overpaid and under-worked duds on our hands.